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Making your life yours is up to you

Lola Medicine Keeper, PermaMomma

01 May 2017

Your unique life, habits and relationships are an ecosystem that benefit from Zone Zero Life Design.

courage to create life as your center

How different would your life be if you approached yourself and your life as a design opportunity?

There is a permaculture-inspired approach that can help optimize your lifescape. Going through this process takes a bit of time, however… just like designing an external landscape, the more “long and thoughtful” your observation and consideration is, the better the results will be in the long-term!

So, break out a fresh Evernote or journal and soulstorm on the following questions… Just like any quality design process, you’ll start with goals for the site. In this case, the site is YOU!

Zone Zero Life Design by Wild Playground

1. Evaluation

What’s the current scene? Evaluate the following areas of your life, all of which radiate outward from you at the center. If you have goals in mind in one or more areas, it can help to note them in this initial assessment. This helps you see what is currently the case vs. what you want things to look/feel like.

Pay particular attention to your goals, desires and ethics in each area. Write down at least one goal, desire and ethic, but more may be helpful to identify overlap and support amongst these various aspects of a fulfilling life.

  • Emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness
  • Physical health
  • Relationship
  • Home space
  • Work space
  • Hobbies + free time
  • Financial + material goals


Physical health: Current situation – I am not as healthy as I want to be. I feel sluggish and out of shape. My goal is to prioritize exercise and movement. I desire to feel healthier and have more energy. My ethics are to focus on activities that involve my family, expand my local community, and don’t require a lot of new purchases for clothing or equipment.

Home space: Current situation – I rent a house that doesn’t have adequate space for my family and my work. My goal is to own a home. I desire for our home to have enough space for both my work AND family life, plus enough land that will help us produce some of our own food, in a place that is nearby our extended community. My ethics are to find a pre-existing home to renovate sustainably and that won’t stretch my monthly budget beyond $xxxx including utilities, maintenance, mortgage, taxes, and insurance.

2. Life Assessment:

In landscape design, we start closest to the home and work outward. When working on our personal life design, we begin with ourselves.


“Zones” are specific areas of your self and life, starting with your physical being and extending outward into your community + the world. In Permaculture, the zones are assigned numbers, beginning with 0. Like any site design, the most intensive work/opportunity is in the lower zones (zones 0 + 1). Your focus, influence, and effort gradually blends with others as you radiate outward into the higher zones (zones 2, 3, 4, and 5).

All sites are unique – humans included! This zone map below is a rough guide to what’s included in each zone. Does this resonate with you? In your journal, sketch how your zone map looks.

  • Zone 0 = your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual soul + self
  • Zone 1 = your immediate home environment and intimate relationship(s)
  • Zone 2 = your tribe (friends and family) + your work environment
  • Zone 3 = your town
  • Zone 4 = your greater community
  • Zone 5 = the wild unknown


What are the influences (beyond your control) that impact how you feel, act, and think? In a landscape, sectors are things like traffic noise, weather patterns, ingress/egress, easements, neighbors, privacy considerations, pollution, etc… Sectors are things that occur in and around your space regardless of whether or not they are desirable to you. Sectors in your lifescape can equally impact you + may influence multiple zones, from your emotional state (part of Zone 0), which then impacts your relationships (Zone 1), your job (Zone 2), and so on.

Sectors are emotional and energetic influences related to:
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Additional Resources

These are great tools and resources for starting down your own Zone Zero Life Design path. Some links are affiliate links which go to help support Wild Playground. Thanks for browsing, exploring and taking the time to build your own wild life!

Goal Setting
Meditation + Mindfulness Books
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Let us know how your Zone Zero Life Design goes!

All systems, tools and techniques need feedback to evolve and improve. Have you found any of this to be helpful? Anything confusing? Leave us a comment below. We love hearing from you.

Thanks for doing the work to create a life you want because making your life yours is up to you.


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