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Shamanic Life Coaching for Radical Humans

Hello, love.

Don’t be afraid: Shamanic life coaching is not your average rah-rah-rah worksheet-based, series of questionnaires, formulaic approach to life improvement.

It works so much better than that.

Here, we reconnect to you the Earth (no matter where you live). We tune up your energy body. We shake out your shadows. We support the dissolution of structures both inside your body and in your life that are holding you back from expressing more of your potential. In addition to counseling-style sessions, we utilize tools like sound healing, totem animals, dietary practices, energy medicine, aromatherapy, devotional rituals, soul retrieval, guided visualization, sacred movement, adornment play, shamanic journeying, herbal remedies, and etheric plant teachings (working with plant medicine in non-physical ways).

Each client relationship develops a unique and potent personalized alchemy.

This work is informed by years of ongoing work with plant medicine teachers, training in Soul Mentoring with Robin Rice, devoted development of my empathic and psychic gifts (which once felt like curses), shamanic study abroad, lifelong energy medicine practices, and thousands of client counseling hours. I also have a profound connection with and deep respect for Spirit Animals and the four Alchemical Elements… It’s not really life coaching, but there is no better name for how this works. Most clients refer to me as their shaman. I do not take this lightly.

In times of transition, loss, confusion, loneliness, despair, apathy, and repression, come in.
In times of ecstasy, bliss, love, connection, abundance, celebration, clarity, and uplift, come in.

Here, you remember how to be the FULL RANGE human you were built to be.

You are welcome here, regardless of religious background, emotional state, skin color, lineage, race, sexual preference, level of experience, or gender.

My best clients are people going through major transitions such as divorce, job loss, entrepreneurship, the grief journey, trauma recovery, health challenges, and those dealing with the fallout of adjusting to higher frequencies: changes in friendships, body, emotions, soul gifts, diet, work, intimate relationships, finances, and family dynamics. Rising to the ecstatic is not generally a gentle journey. At times it can feel lonely, though we are never truly alone.

Have courage, it is SO worth it.

Magic, expression, peace, and presence await you.

Shamanic Life Coach

How this Works:

The path to wellness is a path of devotion. It is not a one-and-done instantly gratifying point of arrival.

Your first session is a 90-minute diagnostic. Be seen, listened to, and held in your current truth. What is your reality right now? How is it different from the reality you want to manifest? We cover areas including physical/mental/emotional health, family, finances, work, creativity, sexuality, partnership, spirituality, and self-development. Your truth is safe with me – I have seen and heard almost everything. This is a shame-free zone.

Next, we craft your personalized alchemical process. Your remaining 60-minute sessions will each be unique, designed to best support your journey. The number of sessions we’ll have together depends on the package you choose. I am currently accepting both local (to Southern California) and virtual clients.

As a devotional practice, you are required to work with me for a minimum of 3 months.

I find that anything less than that (such as one-off sessions) does not yield the initial results you are hiring me for. Once you are an existing client, single sessions are available for tune ups and troubleshooting as needed.


This work is best for you if:

  • You are a couple and want to separate with grace OR improve your intimate relationship
  • You want to make more money as a healer, coach, shaman, or counselor
    (You may also love the Earth Keeper’s Council for sacred business support)
  • You are a mom and have “lost” your identity, creative drive, sexuality, or vitality
  • You lack a truly local supportive community and/or family
  • You crave a deeper connection with Spirit, Soul, and Source
  • You want to learn and grow from trauma, loss, a health challenge, or other life-changing event
  • If you want to apprentice in the shamanic arts, energy healing, transformational coaching, and have the chance to assist me at my global retreats, inquire below about Shamanic Apprenticeship.


  • I do not tolerate bullshit and will help you see yours
  • You must come ready to shed, transform, commit, purge, question and heal
  • I don’t think you are broken and won’t let you be victimy
  • You are responsible for your experience, healing, and transformation
  • We are in communion, not co-dependency: you want to be here, you don’t need to be here
  • You just might have a lot of fun (counter to patriarchal/puritanical definitions of “effective” work)

Let's Get Started:

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Then, fill out the application form and schedule your FREE 15-minute resonance sync conversation to make sure you and I (and your preferred program) are a good match. 

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Please enter your details below. Once I receive your application, I will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule a brief 15-minute conversation to be sure that you and I are a good fit for each other and answer any questions you may have. If interested, I will also gladly share details about my 10-month apprenticeship. Fees + commitment (and results) for that program are significant.

I look forward to working with you!