Let’s Get to Work.

Training, mentorship, support, and adventures in the Shamanic Arts.

I work with individuals and groups who desire to deepen their spiritual practices, make radical changes, and embody their truth. The process of waking up is as difficult as it is ecstatic. Your soul, body, heart, emotions, energy, mind, and spirit will benefit from experienced, compassionate, loving support.

Like the village Shamans of times past, I am here to support you in many ways: as a counselor, a healer, a medicine woman, a role model, a source-ress, a soul retriever, a ceremonialist, a mentor, a medium, a teacher, a spiritual advisor, and a bullshit slayer.

Explore my offerings in more depth below. If you would like me to put together a custom gathering, speak at your event, or create something altogether different, please contact me.

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Join us for a Shamanic Medicine Immersion in October!
Spots are limited.