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Mystical peeps: wanna build your website for FREE?

Save thousands of dollars and tons of time with our FREE course: WordPress for Wizards. Here, you will learn how set up your witchy WordPress Website from the ground up.

This course isn’t meant to be another dusty “shelf-help” class… NOPE! This is about empowering you to get grounded, get practical, and dare to be seen for who you really are. (Oh, you thought this was just about your website?) *wink*

In this FREE one-week class, you’ll learn:

Channel the Sacred

Lola guides you through a sacred naming ceremony that helps you create an aligned name for your domain name or offering.

Claim your Domain

No need to salt the perimeter to mark your territory. With Tigre’s guidance, you’ll have a domain name set up in no time – plus find out where to get the best deal on your virtual real estate.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting your site doesn’t have to be a confusing headache to setup. Learn the simplest options so you can dive into the fun stuff: Creation!

Site Setup

Grab and install our favorite WordPress theme: Elegant Theme’s Divi. Then, working together, you’ll set up your pages, blog, and more! Shazam!

Welcome to your
Learning Cauldron.

  • This clean, easy-to-use dashboard is so much more efficient and fun than spending hours sifting through YouTube or Grandmother Google!
  • Find all your course videos here, which you can follow at your own pace.
  • We also include checklists, playsheets, and resources in the Cauldron’s resource center as a one-stop-place to get everything done.
WordPress for Wizards Videos

Meet Your Guides

Who are the faces/voices behind this class?

Lola Medicine Keeper

Hello love! I am a recovering perfectionist, shamanic healer, edgewalker, mystical mama, and plant lover. My healing gifts and shamanic path opened after I left behind a miserable corporate job and my first marriage… I know what it is like to take a LEAP and learn to fly on the way down… 

With more than a 15 years of web design experience and 6+ years working full-time as a shamanic healer, ceremonialist, and visionary guide, I am bringing together my gifts to help guide you in creating a magical world for your work to thrive in. I understand the unique needs of light and shadow workers and deeply desire for more of us to thrive.

You’ll meet me in the first video for this class, and feel my presence daily in your inbox.

Tigre Pickett

Greetings, amigo! I’m Tigre (TEE-gray if you’re wondering), a disciple of Earth knowledge and Universal love. Am I perfect at it? Heck no! But I am constantly seeking ways to improve myself and explore what it means to be a compassionate, responsible, playful human be-ing.

My passions and skills cover many areas. I’m known for my graphic design and art direction skillz, I love getting dirty and creative with Pachamama (“Earth Mother” in Quechua), and I enjoy holding supportive, loving space for our clients to expand into who they feel they are, at their core.

You’ll hear my voice on many of the how-to tutorials in this course. I hope you enjoy them and they make things easy for you.

A’s to your Q’s!

What skills/tech do you need for this course?

Our videos are easy to follow and don’t require you to have any advanced technical skills.

You will need: 

  • A working computer
  • An internet connection
  • We recommend Chrome as your internet browser. Firefox or Safari will also work well.
What can you expect to spend for domain/hosting/theme?

THIS course is completely free, but you will need to invest in your own basic website set-up costs… If you want to have a website, these costs happen no matter what, but it’s good to know what to budget for.

We’ve done the research to find the best options (in our opinion) for your domain, hosting, and theme.

Domain name: approximately $9.99/year
Hosting: budget $14.99/month and up
Theme: $97/year

Yes, there ARE free or cheaper themes out there…. But we feel strongly about how much time and money working with Elegant Theme’s Divi will save you. This theme puts the power of designing and developing your site in YOUR hands!

Is there a Facebook Group?


We will invite you to join our FREE Facebook group once you’re signed up for the class (look for an invitation to join in your first email from us).

We will maintain regular office hours in the group to answer questions, offer feedback, and cheerlead your progress. Just tag Lola or Tigre so we are sure to see your post.

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