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Wild Messengers

Connecting with Animal Messengers with Tanya Casteel

Wild Messengers

What messages do the animals hold for you? In this episode of This Wild Life, we speak with Tanya Casteel, Cosmic Animal artist and co-creator of our forthcoming tarot deck, Wild Messengers! Tanya is not only a fantastic artist, she’s also a trusted, deeply connected intuitive and a beloved member of our community.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of wisdom you might be able to unearth from listening to the animals of the wild, this episode is for you.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How Tanya first met her animal guides
  • How Lola & Tigre realized their animal identities
  • The connective power of social media
  • Why identifying your guide animals is so empowering
  • Exclusive insights about the upcoming Wild Messengers deck
  • What animals can help heal perfectionism
Looking for right and wrong within animal messages will always fail because the message comes in without that subjectivity. #spirit #quote #tanyacasteel
Understanding the language takes practice. #symbolism #quote #tanyacasteel
Viewing our mistakes as learning moments allows us to avoid a victimhood mentality that debilitates forward growth. #motivation #quote #lolapickett
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  • “Symbolism is a language.”
  • “Relationships with people take work, it also takes building a relationship to effectively work with your guides.”
  • “Don’t get caught up in ‘is this right or wrong?’ That doesn’t exist in this messenger world paradox.”


  • “The beginner’s mindset is such a gift.”
  • “There are no mistakes on this path, just information.”
  • “Alchemy is turning our consciousness from fear and assumption into a place of awareness, compassion, and a way of elevating our experience as humans. A way of creating more healing for us all.”


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