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Welcome to our Wild Alchemy Circle

You are a Healer.

You see it in your dreams and feel it in your bones.

Maybe you’ve always known, but think you are the “wrong” lineage to pursue a shamanic path. Maybe the whispers have just recently become a calling. You yearn to feel at home in this crazy world AND connect more intimately with the mysterious beyond. Sometimes, it’s hard to want to be here fully. But, nevertheless, lately it has become infinitely apparent that…

It’s time to step into your medicine.

If not now, when?

You must slide out from under your thickest layers of hiding, doubt, fear, and trauma in order to unleash your healing gifts. You will be called to cleanse your systems, to dare to find belonging, and relearn how to engage with reality from your place of power…

Welcome to the Wild Alchemy Circle.

A place to do all of this in the company of soon to be dear friends and colleagues; a place to practice shamanic medicine, a space to receive healing at all levels… a container in which to explore the reality beyond reality.

Our time together includes:

wild alchemy circle mentorship private session


Five One-on-One Shamanic
Mentoring sessions with Lola +
Bi-Weekly Group Video Calls
($2,000 value/total)

wild alchemy circle healing tools

Mastery + Magic

Weekly playwork, practice, healing,
and e-learning in a psychoactive online
vortex + magical analog surprises
($3,400 value/total)

wild alchemy circle mentorship

OPTIONAL Soul Spa Retreat

We will gather in person for 3 days
for community, ceremony, and celebration
($2,200 value)

Let's transform our lives, together.

Drawing from Lola + Tigre’s 7+ years of shamanic, herbal, esoteric, permaculture, and energy healing studies in Peru, Mexico, and North America, we will explore together the four alchemical elements, the four winds, and the four directions.

Each immersive section is rich with ritual, teachings, interactive groupwork, and embodied playwork to put your practices in action.

Wild Alchemy circle #wildplayground #elements #air

Spiritual + Mental Vitality (Air)

  • Breathwork practices to clear the mind
  • Shamanic Astrology with the Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)
  • The Air totems
  • Plant allies for focus and clarity
  • Connection with Spirit Guides
  • Manifestation Alchemy, Step 1
  • 2 Group Video Ceremonies
Wild Alchemy circle #wildplayground #elements #fire

Soulful Action (Fire)

  • Visionary practices to inspire
  • Shamanic Astrology with the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • The Fire totems
  • Plant Allies to invigorate your creativity
  • Learn + Practice Soul Retrieval
  • Manifestation Alchemy, Step 2
  • 2 Group Video Ceremonies
Wild Alchemy circle #wildplayground #elements #water

Emotional + Intuitive Intelligence (Water)

  • Movement practices to clear the emotions
  • Shamanic Astrology with the Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)
  • The Water totems
  • Plant Allies for Emotional Support
  • Intuitive Divination skill building
  • Manifestation Alchemy, Step 3
  • 2 Group Video Ceremonies
Wild Alchemy circle #wildplayground #elements #earth

Abundance Embodiment (Earth)

  • Nourishment practices to power the body
  • Shamanic Astrology with the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)
  • The Earth totems
  • Plant Allies for Grounding
  • Body Temple practices to celebrate your skin
  • Manifestation Alchemy, Step 4
  • 2 Group Video Ceremonies

We will close our circle with an optional LIVE retreat in SoCal.
(2019 dates TBD)

Imagine... a long weekend immersed in ceremony, visionary rituals, healing, wild nature experiences, and medicine songs sung around a moonlit fire. We will do movement and breath practices, enter into shamanic consciousness, and make healing concoctions for you to bring home.

We’ll gather near San Diego, CA for 4 days and 3 nights of soul family (Wild Alchemists Only) togetherness. You’ll receive home-cooked organic food (prepared with love by Lola and Tigre), accommodations at a fantastic space, and expert facilitation + space-holding.

Return home with lifelong friendships, a basket full of your own handmade medicines, and an unshakable connection with your shamanic self. You have the option of registering for it when you join our circle, signing up for it later (anytime before June 1st), or not joining us in person for this gathering.

Join the Wild Alchemy waitlist!

We will begin enrollment again late 2018 to begin in early 2019.

Never have I worked with someone who understood me so fully, who walked her talk and who showed up authentically as Lola did. This helped me alchemize my own process more fully. I had worked with Lola previously 1-on-1 and was so eager to join this group and yet was hesitant for financial reasons. It stretched me financially but it was so worth it... and then my own financial realms became bigger and fuller. 

This group quickly became a sisterhood of women who I am proud to walk with in life. We love and honor each other just as we are and as who we want to be. The power of women joining together is phenomenal and it was exactly what I needed to propel me forward in my life and in my work.

I can tell you nothing but miracles occurred for me as a result of being ALL IN. I don't fuck around, and neither does Lola and being ALL IN means just that. Showing up with all you have and expanding into the fullest version of you in all ways possible. 

If you want to be in a vortex of evolution, THIS IS IT.

This will help you heal, challenge you and call your wild self home. Get in, learn, and bask in the delight that is this circle.

Sofia Alvim

Goddess Out Loud

I feel this in my heart.

Beautiful. Set your Intent to Join Us!

The Work Speaks

I’ve been doing this work for many years, and the amazing people who work with me have experienced phenomenal growth in our time together.

It was summer of 2012. Things were good with my business but I needed a change. I wasn’t happy anymore. I needed more. I was stuck.

Enter Lola. I’d seen her site and some videos. I liked that she didn’t mind dropping the ‘f bomb’ in the public eye. I needed a little more of that, bringing all the parts of me together. So I signed up for an online offer of a half-day consulting package. A little odd, investing without really knowing what I was getting into. But that was the point, right? Stepping outside my box.First of all. holy kindred spirit. And second of all, holy game-changer. Who knew that 4 hours of business consulting could completely shake my world to the core. I couldn’t even begin to get into the entirety of it… but one exercise we did really exemplifies what happened that day. She presented me with an exercise called ‘energy leaks.’ I’m knee-jerk eye-roll about all things woo-woo so I kind of chortled when she handed it to me. But I threw myself into it because hell, there we were.

I identified 4 major places in my life that my energy was ‘leaking.’ Places that I was banging my head against a wall and feeling contracted and stressed. Within 6 months all 4 of the leaks were stopped dead in their tracks.

Lola is more than simply skilled at business. More than simply skilled at design. And more than simply skilled at helping you see where you’re not living in integrity with your own dreams, desires, and values. Lola is walking her talk and sharing it with aplomb. She’s walking her own forbidden life and using her multi-faceted skills to help the rest of us do the same. Lucky us.

Dr. Samantha Brody

ND, Licensed Acupuncturist

Many people who are into shamanic ways have an idea on what a totem animal is, and what it means. As a healer, shamanic practitioner and intuitive, I’m no exception. I knew some of my totem animals and how we could work with them. However, deep inside I knew this wasn’t all, and I couldn’t help but feel envy whenever I saw pictures, documentaries or sounds of wild nature and animals. I knew I was part of them, but I wanted to find a way to be one with them.

I was thirsty and longing for more, I craved to belong.

And by no surprise, I found my way to Lola’s tribe at a time I least expected, but most needed it… Together with Lola and my wonderful soul sisters and brothers, I opened the door to a whole new world full of real life, wild awareness, playful survival, medicine and self knowledge. I got tools to peel off the layers of my identity, the labels that others gave me and the things I thought I was or wasn’t. It wasn’t always easy, shedding all of the skins that didn’t belong to me but hid my perfectly imperfect wild self, facing all the pain, guilt, shame and fear, but I never felt so confident, strong and myself before. I never felt supported and understood on this level of depth and sincerity. I’m warning anyone who wants to join Wild Playground: this is not a zero-to-hero experience with cookie cutter recipes and false promises leaving you alone with some e-books, videos and a deserted community, it is a hero-to-hero experience where you get your hands dirty with the soil of your soul, heal, sing, dance, play, hunt and explore every aspect of life together with your guide Lola and tribe siblings, every single day of your life once you step in!

Find your way home, retrieve your lost parts through the wilderness of your own self. Be prepared to have a blast, you will never ever regret it. Thank you Lola, I’m grateful and proud of myself for deciding to join you and my incredible tribe on this journey. I love you!

Deniz Yörükoglu

Words just cannot describe what you and your apprenticeship has brought into my life! The richness, the fun and the intense learning and transformation…

I have been on a road of radical transformation for some time and have been going through a seemingly endless ‘dark night of the soul’. Joining you and the wild tribe helped me to finally have the courage to break the cocoon, tend to my wings, see their beauty and get familiar with their purpose in a safe and supportive space. You reminded the caterpillar in me that I have wings to fly. You have encouraged me to regain the trust in my strength and my need for fun and play. You witnessed my first attempts to fly again and cheered me on with so much love and trust. You turned a growling, fearful leopard into a purring cat, rolling over and stretching out in the sun. 

You are an animal whisperer for us humans! 

With the wildest gratitude from the bottom of my purring heart…

PS: I hope the feedback helps you to continue in your wonderful way and reminds you how much you have inspired us all, and me! I could go on and on and on, but all you need to know is that you are truly amazing and that you are onto something really, really important and much needed. Please always keep on being the wonderful you! Love you so much!

Imke Rust


Questions you may have about Wild Alchemy Circle

Is this open to all people or only women?

In the past, this work has been offered as a women’s circle. We are now opening this offering to all people who resonate with this work; regardless of gender identity. You’ll enjoy learning from both Lola AND Tigre in this space for a balanced perspective.

The work addresses universal human issues and Shamanic techniques; it is appropriate for men, women, and non-binary peeps as well.

We would love to welcome more wild, wacky, weird, shamanic, misfit, paradigm-f$$$$$$$$ing humans of all kinds into our world. It’s time for “sisterhood” and “brotherhood” to become “humanhood”, don’t you think?

What is a Shaman?

Shaman as a term makes its way to us from Siberia, where it’s been in use for tens of thousands of years. “Shaman” indicates a person who accesses alternate realities to facilitate healing here on the physical plane.

In other words, a Shaman is a healer who consults with Spirit.

In modern times, this word is used cross-culturally, as each continent has its own long-standing shamanic traditions. You’ll find people in the Amazon rainforest referring to “shamans”, alongside indigenous terms such as “curandero”, “ayahuascero”, etc. In the Western world, other terms that may resonate more are “witch” “healer” “energy worker” “spiritual counselor” or “shadow worker”.

As I recently explained to a client, every Shaman does energy work, but not all energy work is shamanic.

A shaman is not only a medicine person… They are also called upon to be counsellors, therapists, herbalists, referees, cooks, parents, priests or clergy, movement teachers, and outdoor guides. Their roles are many, and while not every Shaman has traditionally been compensated with money, there has always been an offering or exchange for their highly valuable work. These days, most Shamans (even in the remote jungle) are paid monetarily to support their families in the current economy.

There are many opinions about who has the “right” to be called a Shaman. There are no certification programs, no college degrees, no way of proving whether one is qualified other than offering the work and facilitating results. Often the most trusted Shamans have not been ordained by anyone, but simply carry a lineage (either genetic or soul) and have chosen to follow the shamanic path (often at great personal cost). Others have been studying with specific teachers and have received their blessings. Still others have been seen and received as a Shaman by their communities and thus embraced the title.

How to know you’re in the hands of a trustworthy Shaman?

  • They are humble and have excellent boundaries
  • They continue to learn from teachers both on the earthly plane AND in the spirit world
  • They have experience doing the work and can readily provide references and testimonials
  • They have a magnetic childlike sense of wonder
  • They are in love with mother nature and strive to live in a harmonious way with our planet
  • They are respected by their communities
  • Their work… works

There is no shame in desiring to access your inner Shaman. In these times, this title belongs to no class, no race, no group… And each and every single human has shamanic capabilities. You do not need to be a certain age, have terribly traumatic history, or bear a specific genetic lineage to explore this work.

Here at Wild Playground, we honor our teachers. We specify which traditions we’re referencing and offer resources for continued exploration. We only teach that which we’ve directly experienced and have studied for many years.

We do not practice sorcery (which is conducting magic without full permission of all involved) and are conduits of white magic.

It is our mission to share the Shamanic Healing path with anyone who is willing to take it seriously, practice with devotion, remain humble, and do their own work.

What will a "typical" week be like?

There is not much that’s “typical” in my world, but there is a general outline for how most weeks will go:

Monday: Medicine Path Card draw and channeled energy for the week, plus how the reading relates to the Element in focus
Tuesday: Elemental download – training and insight into Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the Alchemical process
Wednesday: Shamanic journey or Elemental movement practice
Thursday: Group Ritual / Live Call (we have 2 live calls per Element)
Friday: Weekend playwork

You will also have partnered practices and small group activities to help you further integrate your own Shamanic ways.

All of your learning materials are housed in our beautiful membership area – which we designed to activate each element energetically as you spend time in our virtual space. The content is designed to be digestible and nourishing.

The work is deep; there is no need to overwhelm you with fluff.

What is your refund policy?

Admission to the Wild Alchemy Circle is non-refundable: once you are IN, you are committed. For this level of work(play), it requires both of us to be fully resourced and invested. You will receive from this work exactly what you bring to it.

What kinds of goodies and shamanic treats might I expect?

Ah! This might just be our favorite part! We will be creating a treasure box of personalized selections for each member of the Circle; one for each section of focus. That’s FOUR magical mystery boxes which you can expect in your mailbox during our time together.

The contents will vary based on our energetic and soul connection with you, but could contain any of the following:

  • A book that I love that resonates with your journey
  • Personalized alchemical essence oil blends
  • Shamanic tools for developing your connection to Magic
  • Beautiful reminders of this journey together
  • Seasonal wildcrafted herbal concoctions
  • Medicinal microdoses
  • Sacred adornments
  • Music

The total value of these four boxes is $200+ per person! We are excited to go all out for you.

Tell me more about the RETREAT!

The retreat will take place from Thursday June 21 through Sunday June 24th. 

All expenses are included except your airfare/transportation from your location to San Diego International Airport (SAN) in San Diego, CA or John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, CA and then to our retreat destination. We will help you coordinate ride shares, lyft, car rental, or pickup as needed.

Plan to arrive mid-day on Thursday and depart anytime after 3pm on Sunday. We will begin with a group dinner on Thursday and conclude with a closing ritual after lunch on Sunday.

The exact location and itinerary will be sent out to our group in May, but you can expect a fantastic location with ample amenities for a comfortable stay, shamanic ceremonies, time spent outside immersed in nature, delicious homemade food, and deeply integrative practices including shamanic dance, breathwork, journeying, energy healing, bodywork, and more.

You will be hosted by both Lola and Tigre; longtime partners in life, love, and ceremony.

The retreat is an optional part of this program, and if you sign up for it at the start, you’ll get the best pricing all year for attending a retreat with us. We are calling in people who deeply desire in-person together time with their teachers and tribe.

You can upgrade and purchase a ticket to the retreat at a later time for $1,500 if you aren’t sure yet that you can attend.

How far along in my journey do I need to be?

We all have something to learn from each other and to teach, regardless of how long we’ve been at this rodeo. This experience is equally ideal for people who have been dabbling in shamanism/energy healing as it is for those who have years under their belt, but are ready to step into BEING it, rather than just knowing ABOUT it.

We emphasize remembering and honoring your true nature… on identifying and developing your gifts… on standing in your power… on courageous expression. There is no ONE right way to practice shamanism, and anyone who says there is has severe dogma poisoning. This group will provide you with ways to explore and hone in on your own unique flavor of “Shaman”.

You do not need to “be” a SHAMAN all the time in your life for this work to be effective. You aren’t required to leave your career (unless of course, you want to)! However, if you do desire to earn a living doing this work, we will talk about how to effectively serve and support yourself as a healer.

Know that no matter what you “do” for a living, you can be a Shaman in that role. You can be a healer in that role. Once a Shaman, always a Shaman, no matter who signs your paycheck or what your job title is.

How does the payment plan work?

If you’re not able to invest the full amount up front, you have the option to spread out your payments over the months of February, March, April, May, and June; creating a more accessible way to immerse in this program. You can choose the date your payment is auto-processed each month.

Your non-refundable deposit is applied to your February payment. All others will be for the full amount; either $888 with the retreat or $666 without.

What happens at the end of our time together - can we continue on?

Yes! We offer many ways to continue working together. We have offer many retreats each year, as well as one-on-one mentorship with Lola and/or Tigre. We also encourage our Wild Alchemists to join Tribal Attraction, a natural follow-up to this foundational work.