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Find your people. Thrive.

Soul work can be successful.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to grow your business in a way that feels good to your soul. It IS possible to create abundance (even WEALTH) and not lose your heart in the process. For healers, coaches, therapists, and other helping professionals, it’s essential that your marketing and branding reflect your ethics… That your heart and intent be felt in your communications and your presence (both online and out in the world).

So, how do you actually make an impact and generate the money, love, and magic you desire?

It’s not through a formula or blueprint. There is no simple checklist or miracle pill to swallow.

But there IS magic to be made.

Are you…

  • Burned out on “funnels” and click bait?
  • Tired of people less skilled, honest, and real than you making tons of money?
  • Hungry to create a truly supportive community?
  • Aching to make a real difference in people’s lives with your work?
  • Ready to support all levels of your life (spiritual, practical, energetic) by doing what you love?

Tribal Attraction shares a radically different way to build your business. This practical, hands-on learning experience amplifies your impact, honors your integrity, and satisfies your soul. It is a shamanic shazam, a punch in the gut, a supernova-sized EFF YOU to the old ways of “getting clients”.

Marketing is magic. What spell do you want to weave?


It’s not enough to be a gifted healer, coach, mentor and guide.

If it were, many more heart-centered entrepreneurs would be successful.

Do your technical skills fully honor the power of your work?
Are you willing to be seen in your full power?
Does your work actually support your life?
Are you prepared to make the impact your soul craves?

There’s no shame in answering, “Not yet.”

That is why we are here.

See what’s possible when you approach marketing, branding, and systems as sacred arts.

What is Tribal Attraction?

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An eight-week immersion in marketing magic-making.

This program is unlike other business/marketing programs out there. We’ve taken most of them and produced content for some of the biggest. They are awesome and have their place… but the paradigm for online business is changing.

We do things here in a decidedly different way.

Soul + Strategy… This is what “Divine Union” looks like outside the bedroom. An artful dance between calling “them” in and drawing you out.

This course is on a level that I didn’t even know existed.

It’s truly like finding out Hogwarts is real!

I had no idea you could incorporate technical knowledge, beautiful graphics, business skills, magic, and soul alignment all together. It’s just bursting with killer resources, graphic design, website building, copywriting, geeky tech, actual tutorial videos (not lame slideshows), interviews, magic, meditations… it just keeps going… I learned things I didn’t even know I wanted to learn!

For the first time, I’ve been fully seen and supported in what I want to bring to the world. Lola and Tigre showed me everything in their magical business tool bag and asked the deep questions. This lead me to discover what truly burns in my soul and how to channel that through my business in a way that feels good to me and the tribe I’m calling in. I’ve been able to create something that goes beyond what I thought was possible for myself.

Thank you, I’m forever grateful xoxox

Tanya Casteel
Totemic Shaman, Artist and Visionary

What you’ll experience:

8 Weeks of Sacred Structure for your Business.

This abnormally useful AND beautiful course includes:

  • 4 x two-week modules focusing on Identity (branding and design), Voice (offerings and message), Kindred (marketing and advertising), and Adventure (creating amazing client experiences).
  • Potent, soul-infused content; including easy-to-follow video tutorials plus topic-specific shamanic rituals, common pitfalls to avoid, lyrical teaching texts, and expert interviews.
  • An immersive, psychoactive Tribal Attraction Lounge where all your learning materials are held. In other words… not your average membership experience.
  • Your own detailed personal social profile and listing in the tribe directory – so that our tribe can connect with you and your brilliance – perfect if your website isn’t quite ready! This is a chance to engage as your FULL self without feeling the need to filter, dial it back, be “too much”, offend family (or clients), and other such reasons we hide in plain sight.
  • Lifetime access to this course as it stands.
  • Automatic delivery of 8 powerful weekly modules, once a week for eight weeks. You’ll receive immediate access to Week 1 as soon as you sign up.
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Each module includes tutorials, training, audios, interviews and more… covering:

Module 1:

Shamanic Vision, Activate!

  • What is your Identity? A shamanic AND branding perspective
  • Learn how to design your own graphics (and save thousands)
  • Get the most out of your brand photoshoot
  • Our best resources for images, fonts, audio, and more
  • Align your website with your vision

Module 2:

Unleash Your Voice

  • Energy medicine for throat chakra healing
  • Learn to write spells with your words that attract your peeps (and repel the rest)
  • Create… an “about” page that converts lookie-loos into instant tribe
  • Your short and long bio for social media and PR (because people are going to want you for their events)
  • A community-building hashtag/tagline that packs an energetic punch

Module 3:

Make Marketing Magic

  • Put Grandmother Google to work for you: Get Supernatural SEO Skills
  • Learn which Channel is best for your energetic (instagram, facebook groups/page/profiles, email, or blog)
  • When should you start advertising and where?
  • Our systems to help you spend less time online and more time out in the world

Module 4:

Be Unforgettable

  • Rituals to receive Spirit Guidance on your offerings
  • Price your work to serve others AND support you
  • Create a unique adventure to activate your clients’ potential
  • A full map of the Temple Method™ to turn newcomers into lifelong clients
  • Analytics: What does this 24/7 mentor have to teach you?

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • A brand that you’ve built yourself that’s true to who you are deep inside
  • A website that works for you and isn’t just a pretty place that people forget about (don’t have a website yet? We’ll help you build yours, for FREE here)
  • A host of shamanic and practical tools to create, price, and SELL offerings that are soulful, useful, and aligned with your essence
  • Deep understanding of IF and how to use social media, email marketing, and/or blogging to build your audience
  • SEO and Advertising skills that will help you find clients while you sleep
  • An actual business rather than an expensive hobby


Throughout the course, you’ll experience our Temple Method™ which flips sales “funnels” upside down.

As our client Tanya says (after her Tribal Attraction experience):

Turn the funnel upside down – make it a temple pyramid. Instead of sucking people into your world, guide them up the temple steps into your world with you. Now no one is trapped, lost, or feels coerced. They feel welcomed, invited, and involved. The method for building temple steps is not a formula (like funnels); it’s more [about] what works for you and your tribe. So it will look different for each business…”

For someone like me, who hasn’t yet built her brand and experience, this work is truly and epically life changing. You guys make it so damn easy to navigate the overwhelm of this process and for that I’m so so grateful. And, the best part – I’m having such FUN simply seeing what resonates, seeing where my soul leads me in terms of color, imagery and inspiration. It turns out, this work doesn’t have to be a chore and I can DO this! I can do this! THANK YOU!

What an invaluable experience.

Kristen Elliot
Death Doula and Soul Mentor

I have serious business/marketing phobia and this course was the perfect medicine for me!

It was magical and practical at the same time and the way Lola and Tigre create community is like none other… I learned from them as individuals and as a unit, as well as from the other folks in the program. It was a pivotal course for me without a doubt.

Arielle Debira
Horticultural Therapist

Join Tribal Attraction now!

Get 8-weeks of marketing and branding magic, automatically delivered to your inbox the moment you join.


(Single payment of $297)

  • Lifetime access
  • 4 in-depth modules on Identity, Voice, Kinship, and Adventure
  • Bonus expert interviews
  • Significant savings compared to the live course (this course was originally $888!)

2 Payments

(Two payments of $159)

  • Lifetime access
  • 4 in-depth modules on Identity, Voice, Kinship, and Adventure
  • Bonus expert interviews
  • 2nd payment auto-processed 30 days from purchase

Working with Lola and Tigre in Tribal Attraction was a real revelation! I wasn’t expecting it to be SO centred around my TRUTH! I can’t imagine it being any other way now, but to receive permission at the very beginning of the course, to bring everything up from this deep place felt revelatory!

I was finally given not only the permission, but the practical tools and the deep shamanic wisdom to craft my online presence from the center of my truth, out into the world.

Together they cut cleanly and neatly through all the crap and noise of online coaches promising fame and fortune. It doesn’t work like that – it works when you align mind, heart and soul, and Tribal Attraction teaches the whys and crucially, the hows of the process, piece by piece.

For me, this meant clearly seeing which pieces of my business weren’t working anymore and why (I had been creating out of alignment with the core of my own being.) And what has ended up unfolding is the complete release of my ‘old’ work and the creation of something with SO much more integrity.

Lola and Tigre support, guide, witness and hold space every single day. The tools and resources (from the nitty gritty of coding and kerning to the spiritual elements of creating virtual worlds) are outstanding. I’m still in awe of their generosity and care! If you are thinking about whether or not to join Tribal Attraction, dive in! You will not be the same on the other side!

Katherine Anne Lee
Freelance Writer, Gypsy, MoonFox

Don’t have a website, yet?
We’ll teach you how to build one, for FREE!

If you don’t have a website yet (or you don’t love yours), join our FREE class WordPress for Wizards. In just one week, you’ll have the the basics DONE so you can flesh them out with what you learn in Tribal Attraction.

You CAN do this on your own!

Tribal Attraction FAQ

If I've already done B-School and similar programs - will I learn the same things here?

We can’t say what B-School covers these days, as we haven’t revisited the material since Lola took the course WAY back in 2011… so there’s a chance for potential overlap if their material has made some significant changes, but we really don’t think so… as we have a totally different approach to marketing ;) What we’re teaching is a pretty unique marriage of ritual/spiritual/shamanic approaches uniquely combined with super practical tools for extending your reach. You’ll have weekly playwork to do to keep you accountable – after all, it’s through experience and DOING it that you’ll learn the best.

We aren’t so much client-avatar-centric as we are bare-your-soul-and-your-tribe-will-find-you. But WHERE do you bare your soul? And how? And how often? And is there such a thing as “too much”? After six years of experimenting (and keeping our eyes on our own paper), we have some unique guidance here you’re not likely to see elsewhere.

I am wary of fear-based marketing tactics... What are your thoughts about that?

We’re definitely not in the poke-pain-point-fear-development-offer-solution camp. There is no need to exacerbate feelings of scarcity, inadequacy, or other “motivational” tactics that marketers employ. Not only is there is NO need for this, but it’s completely unethical! Historically, we’ve never preyed on fears to make a sale… Instead, we tell stories about our own journeys, we share what we’ve learned along the way, and invite in customers by sharing our vision and being genuinely useful. I know… what a concept!  

Do we help solve problems? YES! But neither we nor our offerings are the saviors… We are proud to empower people to tackle life’s challenges with faith, grace, and mad skills of their own. Isn’t that a whole lot more sustainable? We think so. 

What is your refund policy?

Admission to Tribal Attraction is non-refundable: once you are IN, you are committed. For this level of work(play), it requires us ALL to be fully resourced and invested. You will receive from this work exactly what you bring to it… and it will continue to serve for long after the program wraps. You’ll have lifetime access to the materials (including UPDATES!), so you’ll be able to revisit them and continue to implement over time.

This is work for the l-o-n-g haul. Promises of instant fixes sound appealing, but in actuality – it’s about building a solid foundation of strategic tactics, self-confidence, courage, and relationship with Soul and Spirit that will yield an aligned-feeling, “successful” business. It’s about how you dance with marketing and visibility. It’s about how you talk down your mean brain. It’s about how willing you are to assess what is and isn’t working.

Are you REALLY in? If so, then we will make do some powerful work together. And if you have improvements to suggest as we go along, we are all ears. Our goal is to make this the most user-friendly, beautiful, useful business course online. 

What if I don't quite yet have a website?

That’s perfect! By the end of this course, (or shortly thereafter), you WILL have a website, and not just one that “functions”, but one that helps you thrive… A beautiful place for your people to find themselves in your story, a place to build trust, a place to call home. We primarily focus on WordPress (and we’ll share why that’s our preferred platform), with additional information for Squarespace and Wix.

My business is mostly offline - will this help me?

Even if your business is mostly targeting local clients local for either in-person services or retail products, most people begin their hunt by googling! Then, they assess your web presence, reviews, and offerings before deciding whether to stop by for a visit, call, or book.

Brick and mortar shops, small independent purveyors, and service providers: you need to have your web reputation dialed in so your local peeps can find you, develop an intuitive connection and resonance with your work, and decide to purchase!

In this class, you’ll be learning (and implementing) marketing tools that will expose your work to a larger audience, whether it’s on- or offline. Come play!!

What percentage of the course is about mindset and how much is about tactics/strategies?

I would say we are about 60% tactical and 40% mindset – perhaps erring even more on the tactical side. We incorporate a lot of shamanic/spiritual practices that support the nuts and bolts of what we do as well – but there will be a lot of actual implementation with various tools that happens during our time together with Tribal Attraction. 

This is not a theoretical course. This is designed to be super practical.

What software/skill-set do I need for this course?

We are teaching this course to be applicable outside of most software programs. But we will be demonstrating how to work with FREE tools such as Google Analytics to help you optimize your content and write posts that sing to your tribe, how to apply content creation strategies and SEO, and copywriting techniques. We will use our email marketing provider (Mailchimp) as an example for the strategies we use, though they could be applied regardless of who your email marketing provider is.

Our website is built in WordPress, so we do have a bias toward (and more expertise on) wordpress’s structure, plugins, membership setups, e-commerce, etc. We also are Apple Mac users, so all of the tutorials are recorded using our Macs. Thankfully, many new apps are operating-system-agnostic and we do our best to provide suggestions for our lovely PC peeps!

We will be addressing social media marketing, with a focus on Instagram and Facebook – (content approach vs. paid advertising), and practical tools available to use to support your brand – including places to find music, images, fonts, create your own graphics, and hire low-cost project-specific help.

We work hard to make complex information digestible and applicable to even the most beginner students, while offering advanced strategies that will help more experienced members soar.

No matter your level of tech expertise, there is something rich here for you to chew on!

Is there a group experience part to it where other students interact?

Yes! Our modules have a course-specific set of comments to them, unique to each group taking the course so that you all can get to know each other. This community aspect is as active and lively as YOU make it. Lola and Tigre will pop in to answer questions weekly through June 2018.

How many hours per week are involved?

That’s really up to you! If you have lots of time to dedicate, you can spend as much time as you desire reading our write ups, watching our tutorials, engaging in the course and putting our suggestions into practice. Your training videos run from 15-60 minutes.

Budget the time that feels right for you. We don’t want you to feel like you have to “keep up”. There’s none of that. Once you’re in the course, you have lifetime access to it, so no worries! Enjoy and process the teachings at a pace that honors you!

Join Tribal Attraction now!


(Single payment of $297)

  • Lifetime access
  • 4 in-depth modules on Identity, Voice, Kinship, and Adventure
  • Bonus expert interviews
  • Significant savings compared to the live course (this course was originally $888!)

2 Payments

(Two payments of $159)

  • Lifetime access
  • 4 in-depth modules on Identity, Voice, Kinship, and Adventure
  • Bonus expert interviews
  • 2nd payment auto-processed 30 days from purchase