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Summer Camp as Soul Medicine

Making Real World Magic with Rachel Ford

Summer Camp as Soul Medicine

Rachel Ford knows that people are the secret ingredient to making magic. Her popular adult summer camp, Camp Souldust, is home to all sorts of workshops (and playshops!) focused on bringing the sparkly gifts of her community to the surface so everyone can grow, heal, learn, and tune all the way in. Magical, indeed!

Having taught several playshops at Camp Souldust, we know firsthand just how amazing this place is. So we wanted to ask Rachel–– how did she bring such a transformative experience to life? What does it take to manifest all that we wish to see in the world… IN the world?

Rachel has a decades-long background in the corporate world, but she’s always been an artist, first and foremost. In recent years, she returned to her roots by creating Souldust, a brand celebrating exploration of all the things that make us so fabulously human. From travel retreats to creative workshops to tiny, quiet moments of self-discovery, Souldust gives people a space to do whatever it is their soul needs. As Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Rachel’s path from software to soulwork
  • Camp Souldust: what and who it includes
  • How anything can be sacred
  • Why boundaries are a good thing
  • How play can transform lives
Rachel Ford Souldust Photo

Connect with Rachel Ford and Souldust

Four Pillars of Souldust

  1. Camp: Embrace the elements. The natural world is part of who we are–– take a deep breath and reconnect with what it means to be human.
  2. Play: Let go of “shoulds” and “supposed-tos.” Get into your weirdest, wildest self and take life by the horns! You say “silly,” we say “sacred.”
  3. Wander: Getting to know other people and places makes us more aware of who and what we are, where our place is in this world.
  4. Explore: Our sparkle and shadows work off of one another–– why not venture into those spaces and see what really lies beyond?
Find your rootedness at Camp Souldust. #motivation #quote #souldust
The way they become a tool is with mindful practice. #mindfulness #tool #weapon #lolapickett #quote
Bring your weird. #motivation #quote #rachelford #souldust



  • “I need a hefty dose of straight-up weird to feel calm and grounded.”
  • “There’s so much rootedness in pulling back into our natural, innate magic.”
  • “It’s hard to play when you feel stressed out.”


  • “All of these herbs and medicines and habits can be a tool or a weapon. The way they become a tool is with mindful practice.”
  • “For all the public-facing work that I do, I wanna be at home making cupcakes… That are maybe zucchini, and gluten free.”


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