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Strangers to Soulmates


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A poetic journey for lovers

From Forbidden to Forever

We are an unlikely love story; strangers who met online amidst a sea of ill-fitting options. But, our connection was immediate… A lightning bolt of resonance ricocheted between us and a long-locked door of poetry burst open as we curiously explored each other.

This poetry collection is a Shamanic Activation, a talisman to help you believe in love. May our vulnerable words and hemispheric longing crack open your heart and send lightning bolts of possibility through your being.

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We dated for twenty-six days. Throwing caution to the wind, we ignored the well-meaning advice of friends who warned us that we were moving too fast, that it was all too good to be true, that we were getting in over our heads.

And then, Tigre left for the Amazon Rainforest. Indefinitely.

These poems, letters, and stories are the words we shared, first from across town, and then from across the hemispheres between us.

Poems which wound through the ethers and bound us together. Poems written from afar, under the same stars. Poems that made us both believe in love again.

These soul transmissions led to our sacred marriage, the birth of our daughter, and the creation of a wild, miraculous, magical life; which we continue to nurture daily for the rest of… Yes.

May these holy words ignite a flame of possibility in your heart.

May you one day find your one-in-seven-billion.

With love, all things are possible.

Book Details:

  • Title: Strangers to Soulmates: a poetic journey for lovers
  • Authors: Lola & Tigre Pickett
  • Publisher: The Menagerie Collective, LLC
  • Published: January 22, 2018
  • Pages: 116
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9998218-0-0
  • Cover: Glossy Softcover
  • Size: 9″ h x 6″ w
  • Kindle Version: Strangers to Soulmates on Amazon

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