Amplify: Intimacy (an Online Course)


Join us for this fun, powerful class full of rituals and herbal allies to help you deeply connect with yourself and others.

You can expect three weeks (22 days) of playful practices, herb lore, simple rituals, and recipes - all specifically designed to juice up your relationship connections - starting with yourself! New content will be released every other day to allow to time and space to implement and integrate. 

If you desire deeper, sexier, more fulfilling intimacy and could use an infusion of play, wonder, and joy in your life, then please join us! Appropriate for singles, couples, and any/all relationship configurations: ALL are welcome and will benefit from this experience.

Class begins as soon as you purchase!

More deets...

Every other day for 22 days, we will release a potent, bite-sized practice/ritual. Think of it like a Vitamin B12 shot for your intimacy: small but mighty! You’ll receive email reminders each time new content is unlocked for you in our gorgeous online classroom.

By purchasing this class, you’ll have permanent access to the practices, so you won’t “get behind” if you happen to be unavailable for part of the time.

You’re encouraged to share your experiences and ask questions in our Wild Playground members-only (NON-FACEBOOK) social network!