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Sex After Trauma

An interview with Rachael Maddox

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Sex After Trauma

Traumatic experiences can leave lasting damage when we allow the trauma to control and define us. Breaking the hold trauma can have allows us to reclaim our power, sovereignty and pleasure of living.

Traumatic sexual experiences are no different.

Rachael Maddox, author of Secret Bad Girl and trauma resolution counselor, shares her ways of helping clients overcome the trauma of a sexual violation and reclaim their power and relationship to sex.

This is a deep, truth-telling interview with one of our favorite humans. Lola and Rachael dive deep so get your bathing suit on and join in!

The reclamation of sex is the key to transforming our society.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 1:50 – Sex After Trauma Inspiration
  • 4:22 – Reclamation of Sex
  • 7:20 – Sex After Trauma Parts 1-3: Your Seed of Desire, The Underworld, Heaven on Earth
  • 11:00 – Healing the World: Transitioning Victimhood into Adulthood
  • 14:48 – Bringing Sex Home
  • 16:50 – Reclaiming Our Safe Spaces
  • 22:11 – Example of Neuroception: The Body’s Perception of Threat
  • 26:40 – Poem: “I’m Not Willing to Be Uncomfortable for You”
  • 29:30 – Your Temple: Reengaging Sexually After Trauma
  • 32:52 – Personal Pleasure Practice: “I Love You, I’m With You”
  • 39:10 – You Matter
  • 43:00 – Sex After Trauma Kickstarter

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Things we discuss

Highlights: Sex After Trauma


The world of sex can feel like a scary, haunting abyss. The reason is we’ve been violated, often. Whether through actual sexual violence or a violation of soul or core way of being.“

“To really embody sex is to embody the core of who we are fully expressed in pleasure.“

The reclamation of sex is the key to transforming our society.“

“We have to reclaim our seed of desire.“

“If you could be safe, who would you be?“

“The only way to make the world a perceived safe place is for each of us to become a safe space.“

“I didn’t cause this, but no one else is going to solve it.“

“If I don’t take responsibility for the mess in my yard, no one is going to clean it.“

“What’s your thing to help usher our world into adulthood from adolescence and childhood?“

“We’ve got to practice the power of saying, “Fuck Off.””

I’m not willing to be uncomfortable for you.

“Peace on Earth happens when everyone takes responsibility for themselves.“

“Align to pleasure through, “I love you.”“

“Is it a vibration of force or a vibration of love?“

“We get hurt in relationship, but we also heal in relationship.“


“Deep medicine realms takes some serious ovaries to go deep into them.“

“Even if [trauma] wasn’t our choice, it is living inside our system. And we are the only ones with direct access to solve it ourselves.“

We forego our own pleasure in sex in the same way we forego our own power in conversation.

Relationships are our medicine, for bitter or better.
Relationships are our medicine, for bitter or better.


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