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The Secret Language of the Ancestors

Reconnecting and healing our ancestral lineage with Darla Antoine

Hearing and Speaking the Language of our Ancestors

After dissecting some spiritual blind spots within the concepts of “manifesting” and the Law of Attraction, Ancestral Healer Darla Antoine and Lola Medicine Keeper dive into more authentic and inclusive approaches to an abundance mindset and SO MUCH MORE… Including the way that Darla believes the Ancestors show us when we’re on the right track.

Are your Ancestors speaking to you? (Hint: Yes! Here’s how to know.)

Listen in on this potent conversation that dives beneath spiritual bypass and offers ways to heal our deepest ancestral wounds. While it may cause some discomfort or triggers to arise, this episode is truly balm for the soul.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Sitting with our initial reactions when being called out for our privileges
  • Why the Law of Attraction and Manifestation may not be colorblind
  • Using an Abundance mindset authentically
  • Unpacking denial and shame when awakening to how white privilege is maintained and supported
  • Is diversity a healthy response or is it just a path to tokenism?
  • Finding and healing ancestral relations with authenticity
  • Does serendipity offer greater support than following the law of attraction?
  • Connecting with our healthy ancestors and healing our ancestral lines
  • Using digital tools and mainstream DNA test kits
  • Seeing, healing and releasing our wounded ancestors to convert them into allies
  • Herbalism & Plant Medicine: working with herbs local to you and connected to your ancestry
  • Bridging sprit and body with foods that nourish our ancestral roots and wellbeing

Connecting with Your Ancestors by Darla Antoine

  • Talk to your living elders about your heritage(s)
  • Discover where your people come from. Trace your lineages back to their countries of origin (if applicable) and then find out who was once indigenous to that country before the Roman Empire or Christianity conquered them. Ancestral DNA tests and good old fashioned research questions can help here.
  • Save any and all recipes, scraps, notes handed down from your family and begin cooking with them. Remember that there is power is ritual and recipes are rituals.
  • Hire mentors or take a course on ancestral healing to learn how to connect and heal your ancestral line
We are creatures of the earth. Any separation from our primal mother will cause a deep longing for that connection. #ancestors #healing #earth #quote
Giving generously encourages the great wheel of life to flow without friction. #ancestors #giving #generosity #quote
We forget that spirits are a very real and present reality to our daily lives. #spirits #death #ghosts #quote



  • “A lot of the shame around white privilege comes because you were born into a system that inherently privileges you. You didn’t opt into it and it’s not fair, and it is daily dis-privileging and disenfranchising people. And once you wake up to it, yeah, there’s going to be shame, and that’s OK; we can’t be afraid of shame, and then turn it around and what are you going to do about it?”
  • “There is a soul longing to connect with the land.”
  • “It’s important to heal ancestral lines for moving forward and creating our future world.”
  • “I encourage everyone to connect with your well ancestors, and, be prepared, if you connect really well with them they’ll expect you to heal your lineage.”
  • “People forget that spirits are actually fucking real! It’s not just some cosmic paradigm you’re choosing to make believe in.”
  • “Most of the time, the things you’re drawn to is due to ancestral DNA linkages.”
  • “In ancestral healing, when connecting to our ancestors, we ask four questions, and the fourth is, ‘Are you well connected to the ancestors before you?'”


  • “Something I’ve noticed in myself as a white woman is the moment I accepted that white privilege is real, my system relaxed. It was like, ‘this is SO obvious,’ and any internal resistance that I had to it immediately went away and it was very humbling, and also ultimately extremely empowering because it lead me on this ancestral journey. Even though it’s an uncomfortable beginning for a lot of us, it’s so rich and so rewarding and brings much more power and authenticity to our work.”


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