Dare to be Forgettable

Lola Medicine Keeper, Shamanic Medicine Woman

01 February 2017

Among the more daring advice I have for living out your Sacred Work…


If you stop trying to BE SOMEONE and simply BE… you remain centered. You are assured that your motivations are not swayed by dissent or praise… You are not lured by the ego. Your fear is held in the proper place. Your numbers matter less and less.

You can turn your focus to what matters. Making a contribution. Providing value. Offering excellence. Being useful, genuine, and honest. Being imperfect.

It becomes less about making a living and more about LIVING.

If you are forgettable, you are free to speak, live, and be your truth. You are free to listen to your soul. You are free to hold sacred that which really matters.

What matters about your legacy isn’t your name, or your income, or your brand.

What matters about your legacy is how well you loved.

You are only memorable in the bones of your children’s children. In the bones of the children’s children of those in your tribe.

Most of us will be forgotten.

In this way, death is our most powerful ally for LIFE.

Love well, friends. Begin by holding your beautiful, forgettable self as sacred. Radiate. Let go. Breathe.

Your life force cannot be taken unless you give it away.

I will not go down in history as someone special.
Because I am not going down at all.
I am rising.

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