Kind Words from the Tribe


I seriously cannot imagine my life without this influence. It has changed everything and I LOVE it!!!!

Wanderess Paige

You’ve helped me so much to see and love all the pieces of myself that I had cut off and tried to destroy.

I just want you to really know how grateful I am to you and the tribe you’ve brought together. Every day I connect more deeply with my soul and I know it’s because of this body of work. Thank you so much.

Katie Grace

Wild Grace

I laughed this weekend to myself that this short time with you has been yielded quicker, deeper results than being in therapy and 12 step programs since age 13. So much for social constructs and the “right” thing to do.

Turquoise Beloved

Life is magical & I’m Excited to be Alive!

Having struggled with low self esteem and a critical mind since I can remember, I spent much of my teens and 20’s struggling in the depths of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, shopping addiction and eating disorders.

During this time I had my fair share of therapy (you name it, I’ve tried it!) and hospitalization and although they had their place, none of them come anywhere near the magic of Lola and her Totemic Apprenticeship [now called the Wonder Kindred].

What I expected from the apprenticeship is merely drop in the ocean compared to what I actually experienced. Not only I have discovered my totem animals, deepened my connection to the natural world, studied archetypes and explored the zodiac – my connection with money, work, relationships and life have improved monumentally…and that is just the beginning. I have learnt to love my shadows, dance with my demons and connect to this world in deeper and more authentic ways in which I only dreamed of before.

One of the greatest (unexpected) gems has been the support and friendships that have blossomed within our tribe – incredible and inspiring people from all over the world. Foxy is a magical facilitator/teacher/guide/friend and her presence is felt deeply. I whole-heartedly recommend this apprenticeship as it has been the greatest journey I have embarked on thus far.

I see the world from a brand new place.

Ali Williams

I am more confident now.

I have never considered myself being a shamana or anything “special” and yet, even with limited time available to attend classes, the focus of the group kept me going, the loving presence of its members kept bringing the animals to my mind. And things started happening…

I am more confident now. Not in a “I am so sexy, oh my god, every man wants me way” but in a sense of being present in my body, embodying my essence, my soul. And this naturally led to me letting go of the need to be “perfect”, to be a certain way in order to be worthy, eligible for whatever. This apprenticeship has tremendously increased my ability to love myself!

And I definitely have more fun in life! I find myself walking on the street and smiling, without any obvious reason. Haha! There are more and more of these moments, and they come naturally, because I feel that they have always been part of me and this apprenticeship helped me find my way back to them/me!

This group has been the best one I have ever encountered in any “course”.

Really, it kept me going, even when I withdrew and didn’t want to come back feeling inadequate, there was love, unconditional love being offered every day.

Gabriela Rexova

I notice more quickly when I feel “caged,” and then choose something totally different.

I’ve been a fan of Lola’s work for some time, so it was an instant YES when I saw that she was launching the Totemic Arts Apprenticeship [now the Wonder Kindred]. And it went above and beyond all of my expectations! First off, the content went SO MUCH deeper than a surface exploration of what animal totems are and how we interact with them. From totems to chakras to archetypes to astrology to relationships to life purpose to identity to so much more – this course covered more than any other course I’ve taken before.

And we didn’t just skim the surface – each module was linked and layered so that it actually clicked. And did I mention the fact that all of the homework was playful, silly, and fun?  And that we all gained a tribe of soul sisters and brothers who were ready to explore new insights we were having at all hours of the day and night in our Facebook group? And that there was no competition, ego, or judgement in any of it? Yeah, there was that too.

Now, I break even more rules than I did before. I make more noise. I stop worrying so damn much so that I can simply be the wild and aware animal I was born to be.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has already done all of the personal development “work,” but still can’t seem to connect it with their lives.

I would recommend it to the wild ones at heart, even if they’ve forgotten who they are until now.

Sabrina Bolin


She’s an animal whisperer for us humans.

I have been on a road of radical transformation for some time and have been going through a seemingly endless ‘dark night of the soul’.

Joining Lola and the wild tribe helped me to finally have the courage to break the cocoon, tend to my wings, see their beauty and get familiar with their purpose in a safe and supportive space. Lola reminded the caterpillar in me that I have wings to fly.

She encouraged me to regain the trust in my strength and my need for fun and play. She witnessed my first attempts to fly again and cheered me on with so much love and trust. She turned a growling, fearful leopard into a purring cat, contentedly rolling over and stretching out in the sun.

Imke Rust


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