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Join us for unleashed conversations about letting go, rising up, and living your truth.

This show explores what it means to live more wildly in the modern world… No topic is off-limits; including parenting, relationships, sex, nutrition, and spirituality. With our rituals, interviews, and stories, create a true-to-you life that’s more meaningful, connected, and abundant.

Are you ready to let shit go and make magic?

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Latest Episodes

401 – Make the Leap – Spirit Ninjas

Changing anything requires a whole-hearted commitment. Bart and Holly, creators of Spirit Ninjas, share their challenges and breakthroughs in ditching their comfortable corporate gigs and leaping into their new brand and spiritual services. Pull up a chair and listen in to This Wild Life!

317 – The Dark Side of Ayahuasca – Luke Miller

Exploring our inner landscapes with psychedelics can easily have a dark side. Luke Miller and Lola Medicine Keeper dive into following the instructions we receive during ayahuasca medicine ceremonies and the negative consequences of staying ungrounded in constant seeking.

316 – Slay Your Dragons – Serefina Firestarter

Serefina Firestarter shares her experience of embracing a new identity, seeing through the bullshit and burning the veils of our own lies, and how to hold true to yourself as you navigate your awakening.

313 – Sex After Trauma – Rachael Maddox

Reclaiming our connection to sex after trauma is seemingly impossible in our rape-culture paradigm. Rachael Maddox, a trauma resolution counselor and author, shares her new book Sex After Trauma and offers ways to reclaim your power.

312 – Finding the Right Partner – Mark Greene

Finding the “right” partner feels awfully challenging to us all, especially when we over think it and push too hard. Mark Greene and Tigre discuss their experiences finding their loves in this short and sweet podcast conversation.

311 – Connect to Spirit – Jessica Reid

To connect with Spirit, mastering your energy is essential to prevent overwhelm. Jessica Reid shares her own experience managing her empathic nature, reconsidering “evil” energies, and spiritual protection.

Love for THIS WILD LIFE podcast

I am drawn into the depths of my soul and Truth with each episode. So much gratitude and love for showing up as all of you, Lola. So deliciously good.

Nikka Karli

Stalking the Moon

I’ve listened to many podcasts since the dawn of iTunes. This is the only one I have gone through every episode and actually wait in anticipation for the next one. Real and truthful healthy medicine. The only side effects are pieces of mind and peace of mind.

Brett G.

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