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Your wild life is calling you…

Join us for unleashed conversations about letting go, rising up, and living your truth.

This show explores what it means to live more wildly in the modern world… No topic is off-limits; including parenting, relationships, sex, nutrition, and spirituality. With our rituals, interviews, and stories, create a true-to-you life that’s more meaningful, connected, and abundant.

Are you ready to let shit go and make magic?

Welcome to This Wild Life. Listen in and live it up.

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Latest Episodes

412 – Wild Messengers – Tanya Casteel

Tanya Casteel, Cosmic Animal artist and co-creator of our forthcoming tarot deck, Wild Messengers is not only a fantastic artist, she’s also a trusted, deeply connected intuitive and a beloved member of our community.

411 – Summer Camp as Soul Medicine – Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford knows that people are the secret ingredient to making magic. Her popular adult summer camp, Camp Souldust, is home to all sorts of workshops (and playshops!) focused on bringing the sparkly gifts of her community to the surface so everyone can grow, heal, learn, and tune all the way in. Magical, indeed!

410 – Ancient Spirit Rising – Pegi Eyers

Pegi Eyers is the author of Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community, a book that received a 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Current Events/Social Change category. Her work focuses on challenging worldview that prevent social evolution, and providing healing practices so that we may move forward toward true equality.

409 – Learn to Love Your B.S. – Georgia Woodbine

Georgia Woodbine totally embodies her title as a change agent. Dynamic, relatable, and wise, she’s a motivator, speaker, and author who’s traveled far and wide sharing her secrets to manifesting the life you want. (Spoiler alert: the power of intention is real!)

408 – The Secret Language of the Ancestors – Darla Antoine

In the “Western” world we’ve been trained and cultured to see the past as something antiquated, old or worse, useless. With that discard so goes those that kept the seed of life alive for us to be here today: our Ancestors. Darla Antoine is a practitioner of ancestral healing and reconnection. In This Wild Life episode, Lola and Darla touch on some sensitive shame and pain points in order to see where we all can course correct for a future set in integrity instead of appropriation.

407 – Tarot for Radical Times – Theresa Reed

Inclined or curious to explore tarot? Not sure where to start or what it all means? ‘The Tarot Lady’ Teresa Reed shares how to start developing a relationship with the cards, how they assist in exploring life and why they’ve been a part of her life for 30+ years.

406 – Awakening Creativity – Whitney Freya

Awaken your creativity with painting prompts and a lively discussion around creativity, right-brain activation, meditation and reconnecting with play. We love Whitney Freya’s enthusiasm, creativity and passion for her work and we know you will, too!

405 – Deprogramming Shamanism – Sara Sophia Eisenman

We all belong here on Earth. But, to truly co-exist with all beings in peace, we must decolonize the “taker” mentality that feeds our Western colonialist cultures. Sara Sophia Eisenman—an author and healer who works with clients recovering from trauma—shares her grounded perspectives on shamanism, culture, and healing. How can we deprogram our shamanic work while also nurturing our own earth connections and respect for the indigenous bloodlines and communities of the land we live on?

404 – Ancestral Medicine for Liberation – MaryBeth Bonfiglio

We are at a time where honoring and (re)nurturing our earth-connection is imperative. Ecological, societal and spiritual liberation is calling us to examine our integrity. By tracing bloodlines to our original ancestors and their food, rituals, and medicines we renew our belonging and partnership with all life. Join MaryBeth and Lola as they discuss cultural appropriation, ancestral connections, and embracing change with love.

Love for THIS WILD LIFE podcast

I am drawn into the depths of my soul and Truth with each episode. So much gratitude and love for showing up as all of you, Lola. So deliciously good.

Nikka Karli

Stalking the Moon

I’ve listened to many podcasts since the dawn of iTunes. This is the only one I have gone through every episode and actually wait in anticipation for the next one. Real and truthful healthy medicine. The only side effects are pieces of mind and peace of mind.

Brett G.

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