Ancient Spirit Retreat

Transform Your Life with Healing and Spiritual Connection in Peru

brother salinas healing retreat

Experience Ancient Wisdom and Healing

We are excited and deeply honored to offer a retreat + immersion with two healers who are very close to our hearts; who we have worked and lived with on and off since 2011. These two, beautiful humans will be working with us, teaching us, and using the power of their minds and spirits to bring about profound healing and connection for our hearts, minds and souls.

The focus on this retreat will be on learning to channel and focus energy for healing, working with herbal and plant medicines, dietary approaches for healers, and will include one ceremony with Huachuma.

With love, light and happiness,


lola + tigre

Who is Brother Salinas?

Tigre encountered (or was called to… we can talk about that on our retreat ;) ) Brother Salinas while traveling Peru on his cargo bicycle. In a total flow state, Tigre and Brother Salinas connected immediately. The next thing Tigre knew, he had spent almost two months with his new Peruvian family.

María, Tigre and Lola’s Peruvian mamá, has worked alongside Brother Salinas for over a decade. He initially helped heal María from a debilitating heart condition, and she returned the favor by bringing him into her home and dedicating her life to healing work.

Below are María’s words describing Brother Salinas. We hope you feel, as we both have, the power of this man’s work in her words.

brother salinas healing amiga retreat
brother salinas cactus amigo retreat
brother salinas cactus amigo retreat
brother salinas cactus amigo retreat

A humble farmer and healer,

Brother Salinas’s knowledge of nature and her gifts connects him with the power of the Universe. He is a creator of Miracles.

He does not allow the conditioning of modern society to influence his life. He knows no borders and is deeply attuned to the natural elements. He is here, in this realm, to teach us how to connect with the Divine and all beings. He teaches the fundamental concept that we are not separated, but that we are ONE. He helps us find the Divinity that resides in each of us.

His allies and guides are equally accessible to you or I, they are the encompassing spirit of Nature, Pachamama, the elements, stones, Moon and Sun… they are the Body of God.

Brother Salinas does not rely on chemicals or invasive surgery to heal. He sees illness as invaders invited into our bodies from our conscious and unconscious choices. Food filled with unhealthy ingredients or from animals inhumanely treated and slaughtered, the entertainment we consume, and the people we choose to associate with are but a few of the ways we invite illness into our lives.

He does not believe in ambiguity. “Maybe” and “I cannot” are useless to him. We become free from illness with the affirmation, “I BELIEVE!” When we embrace that faith, and contribute 100% of ourselves to the work, he can aide us in reversing illness and restoring health.

The process of healing and change is one of waking the soul, consciousness and heart. Once we awaken, we can live in a state of joy.

Brother Salinas doesn’t shrink in the face of difficult illnesses. He has rescued and healed thousands of people by bringing them to the healing forces of Nature. It is within the natural elements that we can connect with the power that exists inside each of us. Cities are devoid of these elements due to how we’ve constructed them and obliterated our Earth Mother. Healing happens most profoundly in Nature.

Our divorce from Nature, submerged in the concrete corridors of our cities and their consumptive chaos, brings the soul into darkness. There, in the dark, our illnesses gain strength and our bodies weaken. He urges us to return to our real, true habitat: Mother Nature.

He transmits energy to us and through that transference we become balanced, transformed, healed and awoken. He is a Cosmic Guardian living amongst us. To know and be in his presence is a gift and privilege.

Nothing is impossible for one who believes…

~ María, who is grateful for having recovered the joy of living, thanks to him.