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Living Uncluttered

Reclaim Your Life with Sofia Alvim

Living Uncluttered

Where in your life is clutter overwhelming you?

We looooooove Sofia Alvim, and you will too after listening to this episode! Sofia shares her insights of 12 years of helping clients cleanse their spaces and minds by healing the clutch clutter has on them.

Sofia Alvim is a Professional Organizer, Life Coach & Clutter Healer, helping clients reclaim sweetness and freedom in life. With her help, clients release physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual clutter for good. Sofia uses a holistic approach and thrives on helping her clients let go of what no longer serves, bringing them joy, liberation, and ease. Her ultimate goal is to help people like you get uncluttered and unleashed, everywhere. Her companies, A Life Uncluttered and Goddess Out Loud offer online organizing and coaching services as well as a podcast on living out loud.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by decision fatigue or analysis paralysis? Then this podcast episode is for you! We hope you enjoy!


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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 1:08 – Intro: Sofia Alvim – Clutter Healer
  • 2:38 – Where Does Clutter Show Up?
  • 3:35 – What is Mental Clutter?
  • 9:00 – Defining Clutter
  • 13:45 – Energy Leaks
  • 15:33 – Clutter Attached to Emotional Events or Beliefs
  • 19:44 – Relating to Things Over People
  • 22:39 – How Do We Begin to Unclutter?
  • 26:08 – What Ceremonies Do You Use for Uncluttering?
  • 28:31 – Working With Clients
  • 32:36 – Creating Sacred Space Through Uncluttering
  • 36:25 – Minimalism and Decision Fatique
  • 39:02 – Owning Messy and Analysis Paralysis
  • 42:25 – When Do We Hire Professional Help?
  • 48:42 – Where to Find Sofia
Once you stop racing, and realize you're already here, the healing begins.
Set and forget doesn't exist. All systems are alive and need tending to keep that life spark there. Need help focusing on your soul work?
We love to look at externalities as the cause of our suffering. Perhaps it's what we're holding onto so tightly inside that's the source of our pain?



“We’re all trying to get somewhere, but there’s no where to get.”
“Can you get in your car, with a few less things in your mind, so you can drive mindfully?”
“You carry your clutter with you wherever you go, whether you realize it or not.”
“It’s not about the clutter itself, it’s about why it’s there.”
“What are you scared of unleashing?”
“We want the life minutes we spend here to be as intentional as possible.”
“I want to have a little of the sacred in my every day. If my clutter is getting in the way of that, that, to me, is not living.”
“The less clutter you have, the more able you are to deal with future crisis.”
“The most powerful work I’ve done is in being witnessed, not fixed.”


“We’re managing our clutter versus living our life.”
“It’s incredible to watch the light come back on in someone.”
“Naming it in intention is what sets it in motion.”
“Soul work is like housework, you’ve got to keep going with it.”


“We’re all healers when we lead with the heart.”


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