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Learn to Love Your B.S.

Get Soulfully Committed with Georgia Woodbine

Learn to Love Your B.S.

Georgia Woodbine totally embodies her title as a change agent. Dynamic, relatable, and wise, she’s a motivator, speaker, and author who’s traveled far and wide sharing her secrets to creating the life you want. (Spoiler alert: the power of intention is real!)

She’s the author of several books including Total B.S (Body & Soul), How to Attract the Right Man into Your Life, How to Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul, Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections, How to Choose Your Career Path, and the workbook How to Write the Book Inside You. Georgia has taken her wisdom on the road, guest speaking at places like Rutgers University, Columbia University, The Learning Annex, Time Warner Cable, and more.

Everyday life can overwhelm and cause us to tune out, ignore red flags, or to hit cruise control and keep on keepin’ on. In this episode, we’ll talk with Georgia about how to get back behind the wheel and create a life you truly desire, rather than passively experiencing what’s happening.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Georgia’s journey fo discovering her purpose
  • How to hear the call of your “purpose”
  • Why letting go of control is vital–– and how to do it
  • Recognizing your inherent, totally unique power
  • Why the soul loves discomfort
  • The secret to making lasting changes

Where to find Georgia Woodbine

Aligning with Your Purpose by Georgia Woodbine

  • Meditate. 
“[It] really helps me to stay on track to stay aligned. It helps to give you order and clarity.”
  • Use your time wisely. “Start focusing on things that make you feel good. Spend more time doing things that make you feel happy, and spend less time doing things that don’t.”
  • Set goals. 
“What do you want?” Really think about it. Be careful though–– the universe is listening!
  • Eat well. 
“Getting into the habit of paying attention to what you eat because certain foods can make you feel a certain way. [Some foods] can give you highs and lows and even make you feel depressed.”
  • Get more rest. 
“Sleep is important. Try to get your rest so you can take on the next day.”
No matter the issue, there is a solution lying in wait. #inspiration #motivation #quote
Half-assing anything is detrimental to success. Give it all you got. #motivation #quote
Work and put effort forth in the pursuit of what makes your heart sing. That's your life purpose. #motivation #quote



  • 07:25: “How many of us are actually operating in self-awareness?” – Georgia
  • “That was my journey to finding the mess in my message.” – Georgia
  • “When you learn to do that, you start to realize that WOW, there really isn’t anything missing from me to experience that happiness that I’ve been looking for.” – Georgia
  • “When you are operating by the power of intention, there are opportunities.” – Georgia
  • “Whatever it is that you love to do–– you can do it. You can create it. You can make it happen.” – Georgia
  • “There’s always a solution to every problem.” – Georgia
  • “I believe we all have superpowers. We all have superheroes in us.” – Georgia
  • “If there’s one thing that you should ask yourself is ‘why.’ Once you know your why in life, everything else will start to make sense.” – Georgia
  • “When you start feeling uncomfortable, that’s a good thing. Don’t be afraid of that. All that means is that you’re evolving, you’re growing, you’re evolving as an individual. There’s something else for you to do. That’s why you’re not feeling that joy in the old things that you used to do. There’s something else out there for you. You just have to take a moment to allow yourself to discover what it is.” – Georgia
  • “It starts with you.” – Georgia
  • “It’s gonna hurt. Any time you have change, people, I’m gonna tell you right now, you cannot escape the pain. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna be painful. But I can guarantee you: it is so worth it.” – Georgia
  • “Take this information, don’t just listen to it. Take it. Take action. Start making choices, start making decisions. When you start making decisions, your life will change.” – Georgia
  • “There’s nothing better than knowing why you’re here.” – Georgia
  • “My affirmation is: I, Georgia Woodbine, am here to motivate, encourage, and inspire millions of people around the world. I started saying that every day. And what happened is it started to materialize. I started doing everything I was affirming without even thinking about it because I was taking the actions to manifest this affirmation that I was speaking into existence. It is my present reality because I spoke it out into the universe.” – Georgia


  • “[Wild] doesn’t meet the expectations of what you might think.” – Lola
  • “Regardless of what the actual experience contains, if we trust in the power of intention we can release into that experience knowing that whatever it is that unfolds is in support of that intention coming to fruition. If we can extend that same approach into our daily life–– well, then you’ve got a recipe for letting go of control.” – Lola
  • “Trust in yourself that what comes naturally to you is special and important. It’s not gonna feel like sparks flying out of your fingertips, it’s gonna feel like every day you look at the sky and it’s this color blue. But it’s the color blue that only you see, and of course it comes naturally to you, but how does anybody else see it? We don’t know. You have this unique thing that you can bring that nobody else has.” – Lola
  • “We need to partner with the universe, with the divine. It’s not just all up to our wishes and dreams.” – Lola
  • “If you can’t go wholeheartedly all in and invest yourself fully into your relationship, into your job, this is information for you.” – Lola
  • “If I go to my grave not saying YES to the mystery, I’m gonna go to the grave full of regrets.” – Lola
  • “What happens when you start to create that resonance through the actual sound of your voice speaking these words. What that does is it sends a vibration literally out into the universe and it is met.” – Lola
  • “Any time you don’t have boundaries, you’re leaking energy everywhere.” – Lola

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  1. Laurine Davis

    Blessings come from the higher power that gives wisdom to those who willingly receive.   


    Laurine Davis  


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