Soul Mentoring

If you desire a strong container for your personal expansion and evolution—and desire something more intimate than possible in a group—I created this shamanic evolution incubator for you!

We will gather for 4 months (at which time you’ll have the option to renew your package) and meet either 3 or 4 times monthly. I created this program because…

You are an embodiment of the sacred.

You’ve simply forgotten the art of finding the divine in the dishes.

If you are here, there is a shaman inside you.

We just need a little guidance to find our way home to ourselves. Real life often seems to conspire against our divine purpose.

Yet, real life is the only place that the divine can bloom.

Sex, relationships, careers, parenting, fucking up, getting sick, getting well, chocolate, tragedy, ecstasy… these are ingredients for a divine life.

IMG_8253A shaman embraces life’s full experience and alchemizes it all into gold.

Your BEST reality calls for your presence, open heart, and ruthless devotion to your inner truth. The life you’ve lived is an initiation. The life you yearn for awaits you. Your own inner shaman lights the way…

You don’t need a guru to get there. Instead, consider inviting a living, breathing mirror into your life… Someone that sees the endless, wordless beauty and perfection that you already are. Someone who can skillfully guide you through your demons, your haunting subconscious patterns; who can translate ancient wisdom into modern tools.

A personal, wild shamanic guide.

There are many of us out there.

My process is unique. Perhaps I am the guide that calls to you.

When we begin our journey together, I will ask you to partner with me. Shamanic work is teamwork and it requires ALL parties to contribute. This means that you agree to participate fully in the process, to take responsibility for your actions, and to follow through on your commitment to yourself. In this way, you remain empowered in your journey.

The personal experiences I design for you may include:

  • Shamanic journeying for soul retrieval
  • Chakra assessment, clearing, and balancing
  • Animal totem medicine
  • Herbal & crystal recommendations
  • Shamanic astrology
  • Sacred rituals
  • Spiritual mentorship
  • Intuitive coaching
  • Blue Smoke Threads energy healing

We begin with an initial session and intuitively design our experience together from there. I will be with you every step of the way.

Together, we will architect your new normal.

Choose your preferred session frequency below, and whether you’ll invest up front (for a discount) or monthly.



If you do not yet know your totem animal, our initial consultation may include animal totem discovery.
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