Holistic Healing

You deserve to feel FANTASTIC.

We believe healing is less about fixing what’s “wrong”, and more about aligning yourself with joy.

Our holistic healing sessions combine energy work, herbalism, soul mentoring, and sacred songs to bring empowerment, pleasure, and playful centeredness into your life.

To satisfy your rational mind, we offer straight-forward, educated guidance regarding herbs, nutrition, and practical lifestyle changes to support your overall wellness.

For your witchy woo side, we bring the healing power of sound, energy, and Spirit to the table.

Harness the medicines of plants, stones, energy, and soul and re-member who you came here to be.

Session Flow

Sessions begin with a conversation. You’ll share your intention, vision, desires, and any current physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges you’re facing.

We’ll offer skilled witnessing, reflections, and guidance, listening in particular for soul truths and the dissonance of mis-alignment.

Then, you receive an energy healing. Weather-permitting, healing work takes place in our beautiful outdoor space. You’ll be surrounded by fruit trees, birdsong, (and the sounds of modern village life). Healing is offered remotely/virtually for non-local clients.

We close with intuitive insight, spirit-led guidance, and recommendations* to help you integrate your experience and bring you into balance. Guidance often includes:

  • supportive herbal remedies
  • rituals or play practices
  • lifestyle/nutrition shifts

*We are not licensed medical providers and cannot diagnose or prescribe in our scope of practice. For medical treatment, please consult your licensed provider.

We often work alongside EMDR therapists, psychologists, naturopaths, and doctors as part of our clients’ comprehensive wellness approach. Clients report better understanding, implementation, and results from existing treatment plans when we’re brought on board.

I began working with Lola and Tigre in depth after 5-6 months of regular therapy. I feel like it’s allowed for greater ‘work’ in therapy sessions because it makes the therapy user friendly – I can “see” what the therapy is trying to say/bringing up and Wild Playground’s guidance gives me the tools to do what’s necessary.

If you’re thinking of working with these folx, Do NOT hesitate. If you have even a small yes inside, listen and follow… its only the beginning of the good that will come!

Genna B.

Choose Your Package:

Recommended Session Frequency:
every other week

Purchase the package by clicking the yellow button, and then schedule your first session below.

Recommended Session Frequency:
every other week

Purchase the package by clicking the yellow button, and then schedule your first session below.

Energy Tune-Ups only available
for current and past clients

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Upon booking, you’ll receive access instructions to our virtual healing room (or) healing sanctuary in Fallbrook, CA – depending on whether you’re planning on working with us in-person or online.

We’ll also send you a brief, easy-to-complete, intake questionnaire to help you receive the most from your sessions.

You may reschedule up to 24-hours prior to your session time.
Any cancellations within 24 hours or less will be charged at your package rate.

We can’t wait to see you!