Get Wholed

Life doesn’t happen to you. It wholes you.

Being a spiritual human can be exceedingly difficult… just ask guru JP Sears. But, it doesn’t have to be. What if feeling empowered was as close (and accessible) as your whole? Er, we mean you’re whole.

With all the focus on healing in the Spiritual Industry, we’ve been forgetting one basic thing:

The world doesn’t need fixing and neither do you.

Reach deep inside and whole yourself. You’re the only one that can.

We used to feel broken, too. Shouldn’t we settle for a life that’s fine? We felt like a-holes with our first world problems. With such drastic issues in our culture and government, how could we—in good conscience—ask for more than the bare minimum from our relationships and careers? With everyone “normal” around us mostly suffering, miserable, resentful, judgmental, and resigned to a stressed-out “that’s just the way it is” existence, it was uncomfortable for them (and for us) if we revealed the truth: that we aren’t a-holes… We’re a-wholes™!

We became healers because that’s who we thought we were. Because it’s what everyone thinks they need.

Then one day, everything changed.

Enjoy our lifestyle video that shares the magical story of how Wholeing™ came to be.

Cinematography by Josh “Photo Wholer™” McMurtrie

We aren’t healers anymore… We’re Wholers™.



Wholer™, Designer, Tiger

I am Tigre Pickett. That’s my real name, after deciding that being the “third” in a long line of Richards wasn’t the cloth I’m cut from. I am an architect of online worlds, an ecoscape designer, and art director for all things Wild Playground. My power poncho and totemic headpiece give me magic that I feel naked without. That’s why I bathe in them.

A cautionary tale for conscious men everywhere, don’t stare deeply into people’s eyes unless you’ve been properly Wholed™. The sacred feminine can see right through that horseshit. If you dare, I can guide you to a less douchey way of being awake.



Priestess of the Whole

I am Lola Medicine Keeper… alchemystic shaman, healer of soul loss, ceremonialist, pattern tracker, soul whisperer to the wild animal within. My indigo-dyed hands, society garlic flower crown, and glittery eyelids are potent Whole-o-grams™ of my inner Essence. After burning down my old life, I (mostly) gave up giving a shit about what people think of me and wear my soul out loud. This makes me a powerful Wholer™.

If I can do this, you can too… With a lot of courage, the right adornment, and abundant green smoothies, anyone can return to their Whole. Walk with me, and I’ll show you how. 

You are a Wholer too.

And, depending on what kind of Wholer™ you are, there is some simple but powerful medicine available to help you on your journey. Each kind has unique strengths and pitfalls.

What kind of Wholer™ are you?

“I got wholed. And it was amazing.”

Sometimes it’s not easy to find your whole, much less to get inside it and understand it. Over the years, Lola and Tigre have not only helped me find my whole, but also taught me how to nurture it. Now, my whole feels great and I’m able to shine!

King Koala

Unofficial Wholer™

Getting wholed™ was such a transformative experience – it was all within me! Working with Lola and Tigre gave me the permission to chant, paint my face, and twirl as much and as often as my bohemian tie-dyed heart desires. Go Whole Yourself™ and feel the wholeness sparkle within you and around you!


Energy Wholer™

Had I not been wholed™ by the amazing Tigre and Lola, I would still be sitting on my therapist’s couch reliving my broken past. My feelings towards myself have shifted from a spasming black-hole-of-despair to a whole swollen with faith and trust.

Kay Reem

Wildling Wholer™

Get Wholed™ alone, or with friends.

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