Edges, Expansion & Anarchy

Remembering how to BE magic

Lola Medicine Keeper, Edge Walker

14 July 2017

A human being is a complicated creature; a self-organized complex system that’s far more than the sum of its atoms, molecules, DNA, bacteria, neurons, trauma, and so on…

We each are an entire universe.

As such, we require a bandwidth somewhere between utter rigidity and absolute chaos in order to function… too far into either extreme and it means that our organism collapses or falls apart: death. This is the same for ALL complex systems, from a murmuration of swallows to a galaxy of stars.

Most of us humans have quite a narrow “strip” between these extremes in which to exist – reinforced by our culture (and many of our families) with messages of inadequacy, fear, and strict labels of what is right, good, normal, acceptable, and true. We dwell entrenched in the safe zone; a tiny band somewhere in the middle… which tends to lean a bit toward the side of rigidity.

This means that the universe of Self (YOUniverse) has very little breathing room and takes up very little energetic space. For most of us, somewhere in our system, compensation is happening – because our universe, just like the one “out there”, is inherently designed to e-x-p-a-n-d.

Sometimes, our bodies compensate by filling all that space with extra mass. Sometimes, our emotions and sexuality compensate by expressing themselves sideways. Expansion happens, regardless.

But, if we begin to PARTNER consciously with the energy of expansion… something else begins to happen.

Slowly (or sometimes in a giant whoosh), more space begins to appear between rigidity and chaos.

The amount of “safe space” increases.

We begin to feel strong enough, capable enough, and brave enough to get a little cozier with our own edges.

We have that tough conversation. We face our own wounding. We take responsibility for ourselves. We stand up for something that matters. We take our beauty into our own hands. We meditate, move, alchemize. We access our child-mind and sense of wonder. We remember how to BE magic.

A positive feedback loop begins. We are gifted with more breathing room for our personal universe. More s-p-a-c-e for us to express ourselves within. We simultaneously have more compassion AND less tolerance for bullshit and evil.

Living in increased safe space gifts us with the ability to offer it to others… to encourage them to walk a little bit more toward chaos (but not all the way over).

Getting intimate with our edges also helps us craft boundaries (boundary = edge), which creates even MORE safe space in which to exist.

Suddenly, we can breathe, laugh, fuck, fuck up, make amends, cry, emote, create intimacy, journey, and be all things wild – which really means undomesticated. We touch the edge of the abyss, and make peace with the inevitability that one day, we will cross over into it and part ways with this particular body, personality, and story.

andean healing peru retreat

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that Anarchy is the solution.

Break it ALL into smithereens and THEN we can build something new from the rubble. The trouble is, anarchy is death to US too…

The answer then is not to leap prematurely into the abyss like a frog into a boiling cauldron.

The temptation to just break it all down is a side effect of our consumer mindset – oh well, if it breaks, we can just get a new one.

The answer is to do our own personal work so that we have more LIFE in our life while we are here.

More presence. More connectedness to all of life. Bit by bit, we will craft something new (and very very old).

In order to create space for us all to cohabit, new consciousness IS required. We need to “wake up”. Get edgy with it.

So, be willing to e-x-p-a-n-d, friends. In whatever ways resonate with you the most. Inherently, this path will force you up against your edges and assumptions, and ask you to take more responsibility for your behavior and choices.

It’s not an easy road filled with flowing goddess dresses and scarves blowing in the wind (most of the time).

But it is a worthy road.

Let’s walk it together.

Lola - Creator of Wildly Amazing Things at WildPlayground.com

Lola Medicine Keeper is a healer, herbalist, and wild witch; offering ceremonies, rituals, and perspectives informed by her teachers in Peru and Mexico as well as her ancestral European lineage. She continues to study with indigenous elders around the world to deepen into her practices and uncover more of what her bones remember. She is devoted to seeing with her heart, knowing with her soul, and revering the magic + medicine of life.

She’s honored to guide her clients as they navigate the turbulent waters of waking up. When not leading ceremonies, retreats and classes or in a client session, you can find Lola soaking up the sun, drinking wildcrafted tea, or playing with her rambunctious family in the mountains North of San Diego, CA.

Social media: facebook.com/wildplayground | Instagram.com/wildplayground 


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