Earth Keeper’s Council

The alchemy of (making a) sacred living

For undercover witches, shamans, and wise women who are ready to stand in their worth, make magic, and bring their Great Work to life.

Whether or not you intend to become a practicing shaman or medicine woman, there is no doubt you are hungry to have your personal soul magic be expressed in what you do.

You’ve done all the research… you have at least a few books (and probably some dusty courses too) on the topics of magic, shamanism, medicine work, energy healing and perhaps even business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. But where do these two worlds collide? How do you reconcile your magical self (who may be fairly closeted) with your Way in the world? 

  • Does your totem animal need to be in your logo?
  • What does your brand need to communicate?
  • What kind of imagery will support your message?
  • What IS your personal magic anyway?
  • How does it want to come through you?
  • Is this possible with a corporate job?
  • Do you need to be certified in… something? Anything?

How do you “step way the fuck up” in a way that supports you at ALL levels?

How does your inner Shaman, Healer, Teacher, or Witch want to come out? It will be in a way that’s completely unique to you; and yet there are archetypal and shamanic markers (and tools) that will help you uncover and support your way, no matter your journey.

In this four-month container and commitment, you will be propelled through an evolution vortex. It will be a stretch in every single way… and it is exactly in that stretch, that investment, that vulnerability that you begin to expand into Living your Art.

Each month, we will be guided as a group by one of the four alchemical elements; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. We will deepen our relationship with each element through rituals, playwork, group video transmissions, interviews, astrology, and alchemical magic-making to become much more powerful co-creators of our own realities.

How does each element contribute to your personal alchemical makeup? Are you stronger in one than the others?

We are most powerful when we know ourselves intimately… If you are a fire-water soul and your business idea is earthy, it’s not going to work so well – even if it looks great on paper! Or, you might think you want to work with a certain type of person, when in fact you’re best suited to a different audience altogether!

What I have found is that we must shed our thickest layers of hiding, doubt, fear, and trauma to shed away in order to create and work from our gifts. We need to cleanse our systems, wipe away the fog from our inner eyes, and relearn how to engage with reality from our place of power…

If you jump right into websites, branding, and offerings without doing this essential, deeply spiritual work, then you are building your house on a bed of sand. Eventually, you’ll have to do this work. You may as well begin now.

This is not just another “course” or program.

It’s not about your “ideal client avatar”… it’s about unveiling the Avatar inside YOU. Who are you, really? What does She (your higher self) have to share with you about your life path? What do you need to shed?

Never have I worked with someone who understood me so fully, who walked her talk and who showed up authentically as Lola did. This helped me alchemize my own process more fully. I had worked with Lola previously 1-on-1 and was so eager to join this group and yet was hesitant for financial reasons. It stretched me financially but it was so worth it... and then my own financial realms became bigger and fuller. 

This group quickly became a sisterhood of women who I am proud to walk with in life. We love and honor each other just as we are and as who we want to be. The power of women joining together is phenomenal and it was exactly what I needed to propel me forward in my life and in my work.

I can tell you nothing but miracles occurred for me as a result of being ALL IN. I don't fuck around, and neither does Lola and being ALL IN means just that. Showing up with all you have and expanding into the fullest version of you in all ways possible. My business moved out of incubation and moved into vision! I began to magnetize clients because I finally felt the permission to be myself in business in the way I had always dreamed.

If you want to be in a vortex of evolution, THIS IS IT.

This will help you heal, challenge you and call your wild self home. Get in, learn, and bask in the delight that is the Earthkeepers Council.

Sofia Alvim

The Contemporary Goddess

All along the way, I’ll be sharing an intimate behind the scenes look at how I run my business, write my copy, make design decisions, weave in parenting, maintain my incredible marriage, and continue to devote myself to my own spiritual + medicine work.

You will get first hand insight into how I went from being a miserable new mom / corporate sad sack to owning a 6-figure (and growing) business (as a shaman and healer, no less) that now employs both my husband and I…

I actually do work part time. It’s crazy amazing. (And not a formula or lifeless strategy in sight.)

As a result of your time in this Council, it’s quite likely that you’ll have MUCH more clarity around what you want to do, and even more importantly, you’ll have tools to support you in BEING the person you need to be in order to live your gifts out loud.

  • Business + Embodiment (Earth)
  • Spiritual + Mental Vitality (Air)
  • Emotional + Intuitive Intelligence (Water)
  • Soulful Action (Fire)

Last cycle’s Earth Keepers experienced everything from a move across the world to a dream location with a new business, to the most abundant months ever in business, to destroying a website and joyfully starting over with aligned focus, to landing an ideal corporate job, to getting engaged AND married (two different women), to getting their first paying clients…

This group is a safe, small container to practice in. Each member will be encouraged and supported in being their full self – whether that means one day you feel like a complete rock star, and another day a fraud or failure. All of it is allowed, encouraged, and NECESSARY.

It is like a virtual coven – one that’s full of support and true sisterhood: no bullying, backstabbing, gossip, shunning, cliques, or other loathsome female group dynamics will be tolerated.

Members of the counsel are also automatically included in the Wonder Kindred, so you’ll have access to additional transmissions and magical content for no additional charge.

I will be creating a group altar and working some serious magic for the members to help amplify the great Work that wants to be born through each person, as well as sending both analog and digital goodies along the way.

Ready to Join?

Here’s what you will receive:

1-on-1 Mentoring

  • Four individual Soul Mentoring sessions with Lola
  • VIP access to Lola by text, email and chat
  • Analog and digital suprises designed for YOU

Group Cauldron

  • Weekly teaching emails
  • Group video calls (weekly): groom your magic, receive sacred witnessing, practice your Work
  • Plus receive further support in our private Facebook Group


  • FREE membership into the Wonder Kindred ($122/moon cycle value)
  • Exclusive access to Wild Playground web/graphic design at a discounted rate ($122/hour)
  • 20% Market discount

Application Portal is Now Open!

The council’s first session opens on January 1st and continues through April 30, 2017.


  • Need a little more financial flexibility? Make easy monthly payments.

2 Payments

  • You also have the option of splitting your investment into two payments.

The Work Speaks

A few of the amazing things women have shared with me over the years about our work together…

It was summer of 2012. Things were good with my business but I needed a change. I wasn’t happy anymore. I needed more. I was stuck.

Enter Lola. I’d seen her site and some videos. I liked that she didn’t mind dropping the ‘f bomb’ in the public eye. I needed a little more of that, bringing all the parts of me together. So I signed up for an online offer of a half-day consulting package. A little odd, investing without really knowing what I was getting into. But that was the point, right? Stepping outside my box.First of all. holy kindred spirit. And second of all, holy game-changer. Who knew that 4 hours of business consulting could completely shake my world to the core. I couldn’t even begin to get into the entirety of it… but one exercise we did really exemplifies what happened that day. She presented me with an exercise called ‘energy leaks.’ I’m knee-jerk eye-roll about all things woo-woo so I kind of chortled when she handed it to me. But I threw myself into it because hell, there we were.

I identified 4 major places in my life that my energy was ‘leaking.’ Places that I was banging my head against a wall and feeling contracted and stressed. Within 6 months all 4 of the leaks were stopped dead in their tracks.

Lola is more than simply skilled at business. More than simply skilled at design. And more than simply skilled at helping you see where you’re not living in integrity with your own dreams, desires, and values. Lola is walking her talk and sharing it with aplomb. She’s walking her own forbidden life and using her multi-faceted skills to help the rest of us do the same. Lucky us.

Dr. Samantha Brody

ND, Licensed Acupuncturist

Many people who are into shamanic ways have an idea on what a totem animal is, and what it means. As a healer, shamanic practitioner and intuitive, I’m no exception. I knew some of my totem animals and how we could work with them. However, deep inside I knew this wasn’t all, and I couldn’t help but feel envy whenever I saw pictures, documentaries or sounds of wild nature and animals. I knew I was part of them, but I wanted to find a way to be one with them.

I was thirsty and longing for more, I craved to belong.

And by no surprise, I found my way to Lola’s tribe at a time I least expected, but most needed it… Together with Lola and my wonderful soul sisters and brothers, I opened the door to a whole new world full of real life, wild awareness, playful survival, medicine and self knowledge. I got tools to peel off the layers of my identity, the labels that others gave me and the things I thought I was or wasn’t. It wasn’t always easy, shedding all of the skins that didn’t belong to me but hid my perfectly imperfect wild self, facing all the pain, guilt, shame and fear, but I never felt so confident, strong and myself before. I never felt supported and understood on this level of depth and sincerity. I’m warning anyone who wants to join Wild Playground: this is not a zero-to-hero experience with cookie cutter recipes and false promises leaving you alone with some e-books, videos and a deserted community, it is a hero-to-hero experience where you get your hands dirty with the soil of your soul, heal, sing, dance, play, hunt and explore every aspect of life together with your guide Lola and tribe siblings, every single day of your life once you step in!

Find your way home, retrieve your lost parts through the wilderness of your own self. Be prepared to have a blast, you will never ever regret it. Thank you Lola, I’m grateful and proud of myself for deciding to join you and my incredible tribe on this journey. I love you!

Deniz Yörükoglu

Words just cannot describe what you and your apprenticeship has brought into my life! The richness, the fun and the intense learning and transformation…

I have been on a road of radical transformation for some time and have been going through a seemingly endless ‘dark night of the soul’. Joining you and the wild tribe helped me to finally have the courage to break the cocoon, tend to my wings, see their beauty and get familiar with their purpose in a safe and supportive space. You reminded the caterpillar in me that I have wings to fly. You have encouraged me to regain the trust in my strength and my need for fun and play. You witnessed my first attempts to fly again and cheered me on with so much love and trust. You turned a growling, fearful leopard into a purring cat, rolling over and stretching out in the sun. 

You are an animal whisperer for us humans! 

With the wildest gratitude from the bottom of my purring heart…

PS: I hope the feedback helps you to continue in your wonderful way and reminds you how much you have inspired us all, and me! I could go on and on and on, but all you need to know is that you are truly amazing and that you are onto something really, really important and much needed. Please always keep on being the wonderful you! Love you so much!

Imke Rust


Spaces are filling. Apply today, love!

Stretch + Grow

Questions you may have…

Why "Earth Keepers"?

Each of us has a sacred opportunity to co-create better world. We have always been keepers of the earth. AND—when we return home to ourselves, care for our own inner ecosystems, and learn to become truly abundant—we learn to feel deep connections to all beings, things, and places. We bring consciousness to our consumption – not just of goods; but of messages, thoughts, food, ideas, energies, and other influences.

No matter whether you are a dyed-in-the-wool granola hippie, an affluent style-maker, a mom, a corporate team member, an apple-devotee, an entrepreneur, a medicine maker, or any of the innumerable roles one can play, you are an Earth Keeper. Here, we celebrate that and help you tune back into the Earth as a Great Mother… a (sustainable) Power Source… a place to ground your star spirit.

When you devote yourself to your sacred work, to your soul’s wisdom, and to allowing yourself to be expressed in all areas of your life… you become a world changer. A paradigm fucker. A holy rebel. A warrior of light. Welcome home, sister.

What will a "typical" week be like?

There is not much that’s “typical” in my world, but there is a general outline for how each week will go:

Monday: Medicine Path Card draw and channeled energy for the week, plus how the reading relates to the Element in focus
Tuesday: Element download – training and insight into Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the Alchemical process
Wednesday: Business Sneek-Peek or Expert Interview
Thursday: Group Call + Elemental Ritual
Friday: Weekend playwork

Some of this will be emailed to you, some will be shared in our private Facebook tribe. You are encouraged to engage with as much as you like and are able to… The content is designed to be digestible and nourishing.

The work is deep; there is no need to overwhelm you with fluff.

What is your refund policy?

Admission to the Earth Keepers’ Council is non-refundable: once you are IN, you are committed. For this level of work(play), it requires both of us to be fully resourced and invested. You will receive from this work exactly what you bring to it.

What kinds of goodies and shamanic treats might I expect?

Ah! This might just be my favorite part! I will be creating a treasure box of personalized selections for each member of the Council, and will periodically send surprises by mail throughout our time together. The contents will vary based on my energetic and soul connection with you, but could contain any of the following:

  • A book that I love that resonates with your journey
  • Personalized alchemical essence oil blends
  • Shamanic tools for developing your connection to Magic
  • Beautiful reminders of this journey together
  • Sacred adornments
  • Music
  • Digital resources
How will I access the Wonder Kindred?

Simple! Each time I run the Wonder Kindred (approximately every other moon cycle, beginning on the new moon) – you’ll have the option to be included at no additional charge. If you want to play, you’ll receive access to additional group calls and weekday email dares .Your participation is totally optional, but the teachings/experiential learning there will no doubt help further your Work in the Council.

How far along in my journey do I need to be?

We all have something to learn from each other and to teach, regardless of how long we’ve been at this rodeo. This experience is equally ideal for women who have not yet started a business as it is for those who have years under their belt, but know something needs to change. The emphasis is on remembering and honoring your true nature… on identifying and developing your gifts… on standing in your power… on courageous expression.

This work will have a huge impact on how you support yourself. Don’t count yourself out of it because you have too much or too little experience. Get practice at saying yes to your soul.

What happens at the end of our time together - can we continue on?

Yes! We will be taking a break for the month of May and the next round of Earth Keepers Council will begin on June 1, 2017. You are welcome to join us again and continue the work, upgrade to a one-on-one coaching relationship with Lola, or join the Wonder Kindred.

Have other questions?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll reply right away!

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