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Deprogramming Shamanism

Navigating White Shame and Spiritual Colonialism with Sara Sophia Eisenman

Deprogramming Shamanism

Spiritual appropriation and white privilege is (finally) seeping into the collective awareness. It’s about time! Now, how do we start the work to deprogram shamanism and other spiritual pursuits to find a healthy foundation of love, respect, and honor for all spiritual paths and cultures? Dive into this deep conversation between Lola and Sara Sophia Eisenman to help you discern where to “go” from here.

Update: In our recent posts about our own journey of deprogramming our spirituality and moving into one more in alignment with our own earth-connected indigenous heritage, we are actively reprogramming our language around the words we use. This original interview was titled “Decolonizing Shamanism” and that word is used within the interview. However, we do agree that the act of decolonizing is something that historically mistreated and marginalized groups are doing to reclaim their culture and identity.

What we need to, as people benefiting from Settler culture and institutions, is actively examine where we help maintain and continue to the systems of oppression and colonialization and work to deprogram those thoughts, behaviors and actions from our lives.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 1:08 – Intro: Sara Sophia Eisenman
  • 5:35 – The “white” elephant in the room
  • 11:02 – A powerful replacement for assumption
  • 13:07 – How dogma impacts soul empowerment
  • 15:57 – What does it really mean to deprogram ourselves?
  • 20:12 – You’re a part of the collective evolution, like it or not
  • 25:16 – What unfolds when you stop rescuing people
  • 27:57 – How does “doing the work” actually look?
  • 29:24 – Social justice – a connecting or dividing force?
  • 33:09 – Ways to honor indigenous cultures and spiritual paths
  • 36:21 – On the question of paying for healing
  • 45:56 – What is modern shamanism?
  • 53:13 – Things to be aware of when you say yes to a shamanic path
  • 56:09 – Beware the plastic shamans
  • 1:04:01 – Transcendance vs. descent
  • 1:09:11 – How to co-create a vision of wholeness
  • 1:13:09 – Where to find Sara Sophia online
Dressing the part is helpful, but real awareness comes with presence, humility, and love. #awareness #spirituality #healing #whiteness
Acknowledging that we are here to be alive allows us to choose that which lights us up. #awareness #spirituality #healing #whiteness
We must honor the past traumas, and also honor the fresh start that today brings. #awareness #spirituality #healing #whiteness


  • She Is One by Sara Sophia
  • Oversoul – noun – A divine spirit supposed to pervade the universe and to encompass all human souls. The term is associated particularly with Transcendentalism.
  • Decolonizing Our Minds and Actions


Sara Sophia

  • “We deserve to look through fresh eyes.”
  • “How do we become enlightened and empowered within our own soul.”
  • “The Power Reversal lives in all of us.”
  • “To start decolonizing ourselves, we must shed the vibrations of victim and perpetrator inside each of us.”
  • “I find that the old souls see each other across [dividing] lines.”
  • “Build the roots deep before reaching out to ensure a solid foundation.”
  • “Rarely does awareness come from the costume.”
  • “You cannot be spiritual in this country if you don’t know the people who were here before the Europeans came. We have to honor the ones who are here, on this land, as the wisdom keepers of this land. They are the heartbeat of this land.”
  • “Your body knows. We are served by dropping into the body for navigating our paths.”
  • “My vision is that we begin to create new infrastructure, new narratives, new vocabularies to channel that energy for those that have true hearts to pour it into something [whole and earth loving].”
  • “Every detail matters.”


  • “Can we replace assumption with attention? May we dare to ask questions rather than make statements?”
  • “A big part of our decolonization is simply listening.”
  • “Healing is never one-sided. It does not come at you. It’s about you making peace with the present moment.”
  • “If you’re going to say, “Yes,” say it with conviction and responsibility.”
  • “We don’t always have to grow through damage.”
  • “Our everydayness is a requirement.”
  • “We’re all hungry for aliveness.”
  • “You’re here by design.”


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