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Dare to be Forgettable

Instead of wondering how to be memorable, can you dare to be forgettable instead? How your inevitable disappearance serves your Sacred Work by setting you free to live your TRUTH…

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Recipe: Shamanic Coffee with Maca and Cacao

The jury has been out on coffee for a long time. Depending on who you ask, it’s poison or potion… a healing elixir or a drug of choice. I, for one, believe in moderation. To me, good coffee is great medicine. I love the ritual of preparing it and slowly sipping it across my morning. My husband and I have concocted what we believe is the PERFECT cup of coffee. It tastes flawless every time we make it, and it includes some powerful medicines in the grind.

Read on and make your own delicious cuppa Shamanic-Wake-Up-And-Journey-Well…

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