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Come be human with us!

HEY! We’re Lola and Tigre, regular people devoted to “doing the work” to be better citizens on planet crazy. (Let’s be real, life on Earth right now is no cake walk for many.)

So, welcome to our Wild Playground, a place to explore wonder-full ways to make your life more… your own. Here, we dish out heaping dollops of wonder and delight, with ample sides of truth-telling, shamanic wisdom, and practical skills. Our work is like an “earth school” – so if you’ve always been a misfit and have longed to feel like you belong [somewhere], welcome home!

So, who are you two?!

Thanks for asking! We are shenanigans-filled fellow humans who see the beauty, brevity, chaos, and joy that this kooky life both sucker punches and inspires us with.

We are recovering perfectionists, parents to two wildly wonderful kids, daring creatives, perpetual students, and deeply spiritual creatures (without the religion part, thank you). We’ve been married since 2013, and though we will always have so much to learn, we’ve become known as guides to turn to when you are ready to change your life. 

You’ll either love us or be triggered-as-hell by us. We are not pseudo-shamans or creepy healers, nor are we untouchable pedestal dwellers.

We enjoy this dance called life.

We’ve spent our whole lives developing the skills, courage, and willingness to do this “human” thing really well, and not just for the betterment of our circumstances.

We created this space as a safe haven to help you reveal the self that’s been held back, rejected, reduced, and silenced. You know… the you that you only dare reveal when the lights go out or when your boss’s back is turned. The you that is crawling inside your soulskin, itching to get out.

How might you change and grow if given the tools, insight, perspective, and love to be your real self?

Would you dump that job, quit that partner, take that leap?

We did. And it was soooooo worth it.



Visionary Guide + Shamanic Healer

Hey there! I am Lola Medicine Keeper. Many years ago, after feeling like I couldn’t lie to my then-toddler son about following his dreams if I wasn’t, I escaped a miserable corporate life (and my first marriage).

I know what it is like to take a LEAP and learn to fly on the way down. It’s never easy to make major life changes (or navigate the ones that fall on your head unexpectedly). Through my experiences with the abyss, shamanic work, motherhood,  6+ years of entrepreneurship and opening my heart fully to love, I have honed a unique set of skills and perspectives.

It has been a deep honor to serve thousands of clients as they navigate the turbulent waters of listening to their souls. Nothing lights me up more than helping people rise up tall and thrive in life like never before. I look forward to serving your journey.



Life Architect & Soul Explorer

Greetings, amigo! I’m Tigre (TEE-gray if you’re wondering), a disciple of Earth knowledge and Universal love. Am I perfect at it? Heck no! But I am constantly seeking ways to improve myself and explore what it means to be a compassionate, responsible, playful human be-ing.

My passions and skills cover many areas. I’m known for my graphic design and art direction skillz, I love getting dirty and creative with Pachamama (“Earth Mother” in Quechua), and I enjoy holding supportive, loving space for our clients to expand into who they feel they are, at their core.

I’m thankful I get to raise two adorable beasties to become the best humans they can be, and I’m also thankful that I get to play alongside with one of the most uplifting, soul aligned humans I’ve been blessed to share this wild life with.

Together we…

Create soulspaces where our clients come to replenish that which is denied, stolen or unavailable to them in their current lives. Covering a wide variety of topics, our classes, one-on-one work, playshops, circles, and retreats share a common goal: to help people find their own power, (re)discover their gifts, and encourage them to leave our world a better place.

tigre lola sign off

Fun Facts!

Tigre enjoyed his time at Princeton but would much rather connect about his time on Permaculture farms in South America. He is a dirty bird, but cleans up nicely.


Lola has a righteous vocabulary but sucks at Scrabble and hates losing. Cards Against Humanity, anyone? (She kicks ass at that one, just don’t remind Tigre.)

We are homesteading a mid-century modern abode with our two kids. Follow along on Instagram with our hashtag #farminglight.

When we lived apart, we kept our love alive by writing poetry to each other, which Lola turned into a book for an anniversary present. We still hide post-it love notes around the house. #heartbarf

“Never have I worked with someone who understood me so fully. This helped me alchemize my own process more fully. I can tell you nothing but miracles occurred for me as a result of being ALL IN…. My business moved out of incubation and moved into vision! I began to magnetize clients because I finally felt the permission to be myself in business in the way I had always dreamed. This work will help you heal, challenge you, and call your wild self home.

Sofia Alvim, Goddess Out Loud

Let’s work (play) together.


One-on-One, Two-on-Two sessions and Group mentorships are a great way to deepen your process of self-discovery in a safe and intimate container. Most sessions and mentorships are virtual, but we do offer or include in-person experiences at our sacred space.


We lead intimate group retreats both here in the States and abroad. Our upcoming shamanic retreat in Peru has space for a few more brave souls to explore their own inner worlds and return anew. We look forward to journeying with you side-by-side!


Personal growth does not happen only in the mind. Our market offers creations to support your journey, including Lola’s shamanic apothecary, meditations, ritual tools, and unique finds from our global travels. Embody and explore your medicine path with us.


We’ve created a variety of courses to help you human well. From our intro Wonder Kindred with it’s 22 dares to shake up your life to our latest offering, Tribal Attraction where we teach and share how to attract the customers and tribe you really want.

Come play in our world.

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