Hey, I’m Lola.

How often we deny what is obvious, both in ourselves and in our world.

Whether darkness or light, gifts or shadows… it is easy to bypass. Often, “spiritual bypassing” refers to deferring to the light and ignoring or diminishing the darkness…. Yet, I find we often bypass the light too…

How often do we feel a calling and ignore it?

How often do we KNOW who we are and yet continue to act and live from our old patterns?

How often do we shy away from our own brilliance?

I sidestepped mine for decades.

Like you, I spent years living behind layers of masks.

We ALL do this. Our masks make us feel safe for a good long time. They serve a purpose. They help us get stronger on the inside while our guts turn to mush.

Our masks are like a butterfly’s cocoon…

We all need protection while our imaginal cells rearrange us to match our destiny.

It is scary-as-hell to say “I AM A HEALER. A SHAMAN. A PRIESTESS. A WITCH.”

At times, it is still intimidating for me to utter these words (thanks to collective trauma over eons of persecution + my own personal stories). Who am I to have these gifts? Well..

Who am I?

I am Lola Medicine Keeper.

I am a Shaman. Not one that wears a mask of a title, but one who is this in her bones. I am willing to have my comfortable illusions continually torn away from my eyes. It is painful and also gives me access to incomparable, almost intolerable beauty. I have the capacity for this.

So do you, if you have the calling to be a healer.

I am an Alchemist. I find the medicine in all things, especially the shadowlands. There is wisdom in our pain, there are gifts behind our masks, and gold is buried in our stories. I will help you mine for yours.

You are brave too. You are a healer.

I am a recovering perfectionist. Bit by bit, I release my need to control things… my feelings, a given outcome, other people’s opinions (of me especially), my path, my medicine, my husband, my children, my time, my body…

You, too can surrender others to their own journeys, and in doing so, offer them their own strength.

If you do, you will be a POWERFUL healer.

And… pssssst – here is a secret… EVERYONE has a healer, a shaman, a witch buried somewhere inside. This isn’t about what you do… it’s about who you are.

I forgot these things about myself until it cost me too much to keep them at bay.

I walked away from my “practice marriage”. I left behind my name and everything I knew (about life, money, relationship, sex, and being human). In studying and practicing my own flavor of shamanism, working with medicinal plants, making medicine, and immersing in alchemy, I g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y returned home to the woman I was designed to become.  I continue to awaken to more of myself and this world each day; evolving alongside my twin-flame husband, our children, and a growing tribe of misfits, wild ones, healers, mystics, shamans, and elders that have become my beloved clients.

To leave behind your identity and what you (think you) know takes immense courage. To burn down the house of your life is usually only a choice when it feels like it’s no longer an option.

There is much more to my story, but for now I’ll give you a glimpse into who I am in this moment:

I’m probably not so different than you… and I’m curious:

Is your cocoon entering its transparent phase?

Are your masks thin enough to gently peel away from your face?

Yes, it is scary to stretch those delicate new wings. Yes, it is scary to jump off the branch and do something you were born to do but that no one taught you.

If you are ready to assist your own metamorphosis through direct communion with Soul, Spirit, and Source…. then perhaps it is time for us to play-work-immerse. If you are local to San Diego, we can convene at our incredible healing space in Fallbrook, California. If you are farther afield, you can join my robust global clientele and we will work magic by video.

My ideal clients feel a strong resonance with magic, mysticism, shamanism, and shamanic plant medicine, and often experience crippling self-doubt with how to live with, explore, and express these pathways.

No matter your skin color, age, gender, or history, you have absolutely every right to be who you (really) are.

If you don’t do it, be it, live it… who will? Life is too long OR too short to spend another minute as not-quite-you.

Please visit my current offerings and retreat pages and select the option(s) that sing to you.

It would be my honor to support your courage in living your truth out loud. You might think you need a teacher… Instead, perhaps you just need help re-membering what you’ve always known.

It’s a wild and messy ride – but really, would we have it any other way?



Official Bio

Lola Medicine Keeper is an alchemystic shaman, a healer of soul loss, a ceremonialist, a pattern tracker, a soul whisperer to the wild animal within. She walks with those on the path to Awakening. Her work is designed to help you remember that you are powerful, imbued with magic, and designed for ecstasy. You are all things sacred and a house for the holy, and your world is meant to be a playground for all beings (including you). If you crave an unleashing, come explore her offerings including worldwide shamanic play retreats, large and small group immersions, ritual design, shamanic healing, soul mentoring, and her free Podcast at wildplayground.com

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