About Us

We help you let go of the patterns and habits holding you back. (It’s so much less scary to do this when you’re not alone!)

We’ve got a question for YOU, dear one:

Does who you are on the inside match your life on the outside?

A few years ago, our answer to that question was NO.

That NO was painful (as you know). But, it IS entirely possible to drop your bad habits and (kindly) leave behind mis-aligned choices! We are living proof of what happens when you dare to say YES to your right life and NO to everything else.

Clarity + Courage = Alignment

Though our life isn’t perfect, it IS perfect for us. We have the relationship, community, abundance, and soul work we used to imagine (but didn’t believe were actually possible).

Here’s how we got to this point:

Our Stories

Hey, I’m Tigre. (Yep, that’s my real name – you say it “tee-gray”). In 2011, I escaped my desk job to study permaculture and travel to South America to work on organic farms. Travel + humble, hard work opened my mind and my heart… I discovered that the life I’d been building (including my first “practice” marriage) did not line up with who I was on the inside. As I started to unravel those choices, my life began to change.

Fast forward to today; I’m married to the love of my life (you’ll meet her below), and I get to incorporate all of my loves – family, ecology, design, and an insatiable appetite for learning – into our work here at Wild Playground. When I’m not helping Lola run programs or build courses, I’m in the garden with our kids or cooking up a mean plate of curried scrambled eggs.

Hi, I’m Lola. About the same time that Tigre started to dismantle his life, I was doing the same thing. I’d just had my son, and was questioning whether I could really tell him to “go after his dreams” if I wasn’t really pursuing mine. So, I set out to wholeheartedly discover what brought me joy and listen to what my soul had to say. Eventually, I left my first marriage, fell in love with Tigre, and life quickly became an adventure.

Because I’ve embraced my inner witch, I’m blessed with incredible clients, friends, plus a more-connected-than-ever family. Balancing a full-time spiritual business and studies in clinical herbalism with parenting and relationships is a constant dance, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s my deepest honor to guide people to create their own wild life.

Our Mission

We create beautiful, inspiring spaces for people to let shit go and make magic.

Our online classes help you amp up what you want (and release what you don’t). Our retreats are adventures for the soul, body, and spirit. Our co-ed group mentorship is an INCREDIBLE annual transformation journey for humans of all genders/backgrounds to dive deeper (and play harder).

Most peeps begin with an online class, like Amplify Intuition, and expand into our other offerings.

Come play with us! It just might change your life. Get ready!


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