Break up with normal and awaken your wild, playful, soul-driven life.

I am Lola Medicine Keeper.

Modern Shaman.






Enter my story. Find yours.

We are the granddaughters and grandsons of the witches they did not burn.

If you feel a resonance with shamanism, plant medicine, magic, energy healing, and indigenous lifeways, *and* aren’t sure exactly how this is supposed to be integrated into real life, then WELCOME! I have done (and continue to do) just that, without getting lost in the clouds or going broke. (Yes, it really is possible to be attuned to magic AND have your shit together – I think it is extremely important to “human” well… don’t you?)

This is what you’ll re-member here (because you already know how, you’ve just forgotten):

The art of being a fully expressed, wild, magical, creative, shamanic human.

This is not about what you “do”… this is about who you are.

Sound good?

Great! Welcome… There is much for us to do. A great place to start?

Catch my latest podcast episode.

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