You don’t need to be fixed.

Life doesn’t happen to you.
It makes you who you are.

Being a Spirit + Soul in the human experience can be exceedingly difficult… It’s easy to slip into self-judgement or feel like if only you were “healed” everything would flow. It’s tempting to escape, numb, avoid. These are forms of protection and they serve a purpose. And, there are *other* ways to feel at home in your skin, on this planet, in these times. Yeah, really. 

Claiming your power, committing to boundaries, rewiring your patterns, listening to body + soul, tapping your gifts, excavating the shadow, creating right relationship with the elements and creatures of Earth… these are available to you.

They ask for your devotion.
They demand your intent, attention, and investment.
They are the way Home.

There are many avenues to explore these ways. Wild Playground is one such place.

Here, you return to wholeness. 

We were once not so different from you. After ending all attempts to breathe life into our first “practice” marriages, Tigre and I set out—first on our own, and then together—to reclaim our true selves. In the process, we left behind most of what we knew, shed layers of false identities, walked away from lucrative careers, and stared into an unknowable future with no guaranteed outcome. We joke that we haven’t been immersed in “healing” but in “wholeing” – returning layer by layer to our innate, essential Truth.

In a way, it looked a bit like this:

Cinematography by Josh McMurtrie. Shenanigans and tomfoolery by Lola and Tigre.

This is serious work, but ya gotta be able to play.

Perhaps one of the reasons we get consistent feedback about the power of our work is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. (As evidenced here.) In our courses, at our retreats, in ceremony with us… there is always a lot of laughter. In our experience, you find this to be true of many of the most potent healers around the world.

So, if profanity and play are not your style, we are NOT the people for you.

If you ARE open to having a lot more fun, unlocking a sense of wonder, and kicking ass at life and work, then we ARE your peeps.

Meet Lola and Tigre:



Art Director, Tech Guru, Wild Homesteader

Hey, I’m Tigre… permaculturist, homesteader, technology wizard, and art director extraordinaire. I do my best to exemplify the true sacred masculine by offering structure, support, and tools to further Wild Playground’s mission. Hopefully, I’m getting better at that every day. Together, Lola and I have helped thousands of people regain their love of life, open their hearts, and rediscover the extraordinary magic that’s hidden right here in plain sight. 




Visionary, Soul Mentor, Shamanic Healer

I am Lola Medicine Keeper… alchemystic shaman, healer of soul loss, ceremonialist, pattern tracker, soul whisperer to the wild animal within. I am honored to walk with those on the path to Awakening. This work is designed to help you remember that you are powerful, imbued with magic, and designed for ecstasy. You are all things sacred and a house for the holy… Our world is meant to be a playground for all beings (including you).

It’s such an amazing feeling to know
that I can trust myself.

Wild Playground is the home for our sacred work; combining playful nature connection and holistic food cultivation with spiritual mentorship, restorative retreats, ceremony, and shamanic remedies.

We create powerful, lively experiences for individuals and groups to reclaim their wild [self | business | sex | food | soul | life].

Our clients say…

You’ve helped me so much to see and love all the pieces of myself that I had cut off and tried to destroy. I just want you to really know how grateful I am to you and the tribe you’ve brought together. Every day I connect more deeply with my soul and I know it’s because of this body of work. Thank you so much.

Katie Grace

Embodied Yoga Instructor

I’ve had my fair share of therapy (you name it, I’ve tried it!) and hospitalization and although they had their place, none of them come anywhere near the magic of Lola and this Work. My connection with money, work, relationships and life have improved monumentally…and that is just the beginning. I have learnt to love my shadows, dance with my demons and connect to this world in deeper and more authentic ways in which I only dreamed of before.

Ali Williams

Whole Human

I laughed this weekend to myself that this short time with you has been yielded quicker, deeper results than being in therapy and 12 step programs since age 13. So much for social constructs and the “right” thing to do.

Turquoise Beloved

Teacher & Undercover Mystic

We also make cool shit.

From custom aromatherapy oil blends to one-of-a-kind finds from our travels, we love to offer a bit of magic to take home with you. Check out our full selection of botanical perfumes, ritual tools, sacred adornments, herbal remedies, and more in the Wild Playground Market.

Wild Playground Wholeifesto™

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