Let Go
+ Shine

Say NO to Regret.
Say YES to Your Wild Life.

But first, ya gotta release perfection.

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Letting go is hard.

Even when you know that pattern/relationship/habit/job isn’t good for you, it’s tempting to stay where it’s familiar. Especially if those choices aren’t really “bad”… they’re just not. quite. right.


Now, let yourself imagine a life where you aren’t muting yourself… A life where you don’t regret your choices or feel out of place in your own house. A life where you can be as witchy, weird, playful, and emotional as you want (and still get sh*t done).

Yeahhhhh. Breathe into that vision for a second.

Since 2013, our courses, retreats, podcast, and group mentorship have supported people in creating wildly authentic lives. Lives that feel like YES instead of meh, maybe, or nope.

It really is possible.
(And, it can be fun!)

This isn’t “normal” self-improvement work… It’s way more more fun + effectiveWe’re gonna help you make this happen with magic, rituals, play, and herbal wisdom.

Let’s Get Witchy:

THIS. So unexpected, the power from that just washed over me and I ended the meditation laughing and laughing haha. So wonderful, I have my money’s worth already (and it’s only day 1).

T. Veness

Student of our Amplify Intuition course

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