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Sometimes it takes painful decades of living as not-quite-yourself to wake up to other options. Staying stuck in a job you hate… Settling for a relationship that’s “fine”…
Maybe your life looks OK from the outside looking in…

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Wild Writings

Our blog covers a wide-range of topics; from plant medicine and shamanism to parenting and being human… Come take a peek inside our world… Perhaps you’ll find a reflection of yourself in our words.

Is there a Shaman in You?

Regardless of cultural background, Shamans often share these core characteristics. If you have them, it’s likely there’s a Shaman in you, too. Find out if there’s a Shaman within you that’s ready to emerge.

Duality is Slowly Killing You

Stress is one of the leading causes of modern disease (dis-ease). What manifests as cancer is often the result of a system out of balance and loaded with stress hormones, negative thoughts, and disabling beliefs. Releasing ourselves from the trap of duality is one step towards healing ourselves and our world.

3 signs you aren’t grounded (and what to do about it)

Think you’re grounded? Think again! If you’re experiencing these three things, then getting grounded needs to be a top priority…

Tool Belt Medicine

How often do we purchase tools in the pursuit of a passion only to have them languish in lonely corners or dusty shelves? May this medicine lesson from wearing a tool belt help reignite your confidence and Beginner’s Mind to bring your passion to life.

Set and Setting: Keys to Navigating Life-as-Ceremony

It’s not just with psychedelics that a bad trip can happen. LIFE can be a bad trip without mastering your “set and setting”. The importance and impact of these simple but critical concepts is often overlooked in our frenzied modern world; or only considered in ceremonial contexts… But life IS ceremony, and set and setting go beyond medicine work.

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