To create your desires, you must dare to be yourself, fully.

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Sometimes it takes painful decades of living as not-quite-yourself to wake up to other options. Staying stuck in a job you hate… Settling for a relationship that’s “fine”…
Maybe your life looks OK from the outside looking in…

But how about from the inside looking out?

What if your life felt like a Wild Playground?

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Wild Writings

Our blog covers a wide-range of topics; from plant medicine and shamanism to parenting and being human… Come take a peek inside our world… Perhaps you’ll find a reflection of yourself in our words.

What I Learned from Seeing U2

I don’t believe in Gurus, but being at U2’s Joshua Tree concert taught me a lot…

Mother Nature is Pissed

Or is she? Is what’s happening in our world (hurricanes, earthquakes, raging fires) totally our fault, or is there something else going on?

Edges, Expansion and Anarchy

Being willing to expand and create space to be fully human isn’t easy, but the rewards for exploring your soul’s edges are too great not to.

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