Does your world feel upside down?

inner shaman awakening wildplayground
As above so below.

As without, so within.
.. Shamans have held this view for eons.
Perhaps, then… to manage the chaos of modern life… To navigate the vast uncertainty of our world… We must turn inward. We must retrieve our lost souls. We must find home in our skin.


In opening our hearts, in transmuting our trauma to alchemical gold,
we have a chance at changing the world.


It starts with you.


Your ancestors, your star kindred, and your soul lineage have been waiting for you to pick up the torch.
Without shame. Without blame. They know it takes incredible courage (and sometimes many lifetimes) to live as the REAL YOU.

If you feel a resonance with shamanism, plant medicine, magic, energy healing, and indigenous lifeways, *and* aren’t sure exactly how this is supposed to be integrated into your life, then WELCOME! You have arrived home.

It’s time to live your (real, magical, wild, weird, powerful, brilliant) truth.

Unleash your wild self, unravel your patterns, and awaken to the incomprehensible magic that surrounds you.

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